The newest feature over at Wealthy Affiliate University is a tool called WordPress Express. After opening the feature there were mixed thoughts by WA members though. Is this a cool new addition, or is it just a gimmick to draw people in?

For better or worse…here is my blunt opinion with lots of details.

I love Wealthy Affiliate and am not planning on leaving. However, I am not a fanboy that blindly approves of everything that happens there. After reading the details about this new WP Express feature, I wasn’t that thrilled.

First of all, I was annoyed at the marketing of this new feature. The owners of WA, Carson and Kyle, seem like pretty good guys and support honest marketing…so I’m not sure what’s up with this new thing. The sales page makes WP Express seem like the latest and greatest thing to ever happen in the marketing world.

First of all you get to make websites fast and easy and cheap…not like the expensive Dreamweaver at $700 and the $50 per month hosting and the $200 WP themes. Um, yeah right. I have never spent that much making any site. But with WP Express you get to make unlimited sites, make them fast and cheap, you get lots of themes to choose from, and it comes with several plugins. You can really make a website in less than 60 seconds!!!

To a beginner this all sounds great. And I admit, if you really are a beginner and haven’t made a website this probably is a good way to get your first website started.

But any existing WordPress users can see the unnecessary hype. First of all, WP is very easy to install in the first place. With Fantastico (a free feature on most webhosts, which by the way should not cost more than 10 bucks a month) you can install WP and make a website in less than 5 minutes. Maybe not 60 seconds…but it is still easy. And there are countless websites out there that offer free templates or WP themes. These plugins are also free.

Bottom Line: If you are a beginner, then the new WordPress Express feature might be a good thing to check out. You really can set up a blog on your own domain very quickly without any technical trouble. But…there is no need to create hype about making WP blogs quickly, since it was already very easy to do and there are loads of free themes available.

WP Express is a decent feature for beginners, but it is really nothing new. Perhaps new to WA, but most people have been using WordPress without problem for years. With or without WP Express, it is easy to set up a blog on your domain. So this may be helpful to some beginners, but I don’t think it is an awesome new feature that is something to create a lot of hype for and market on the main WA sales page.

I hope this helps someone. I think it would be wise to join WA, but for the right reasons. If this feature is a main selling point to you, then don’t be fooled. But WA still has a great community and some nice training. The choice is always yours though. Just my 2 cents from a loyal but honest WA member.

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