Welcome To The Allegro Media Group

Allegro is one of the premier independent distributors in North America. Founded over 25 years ago, Allegro began as a Classical music import service. Over 18 years ago, brothers Joe, Vince and Rico Micallef purchased Allegro from its original owner, implemented new systems, and quickly moved Allegro to the forefront of state-of-the-art entertainment distribution. They expanded the genre offerings to include Jazz, New Age, World, and many others. Allegro has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most efficient and effective independents in North America. Along the way, Allegro has acquired complementary companies that have grown our distribution channels. From smaller distributors and listening station companies to specialty distribution companies like NewSound (gift market distributors) and NAIL (Indie Rock distribution), these acquisitions have given Allegro an unparalleled breadth of distribution. From traditional core retail accounts to gift accounts and special market outlets, Allegro leaves no stone unturned in seeking both new markets and providing quality products for our thousands of direct and retail customers.




Allegro is committed to being the leading independent distributor and marketer of entertainment products in North America. The Allegro team strives to provide reliable and effi cient services with integrity, innovation, and persistence. Allegro is a growing, successful company that values active and open communication to nurture strategic alliances in all of our relationships. Allegro promotes personal, professional, and corporate growth while encouraging teamwork and a sense of community. Allegro embraces an atmosphere that rewards performance with mutual respect and trust, creating an enjoyable and supportive environment. We, the owners and employees of Allegro, hold ourselves accountable to each other and to these values, and consider them essential to our mutual success.