Publicity Department – Allegro Media Group

Thanks for asking! Do you have a phenomenal new artist on your roster that’s heading out for tour? We can blanket regional press along tour routes and secure featured listings and record reviews in all weekly, daily and regional music media outlets in the United States. Working with our publicity department insures that editors, reviewers, staff writers, and freelancers at music publications across the country will receive a top-notch press kit announcing your new releases. More importantly, Allegro’s publicity department will follow up with everyone who receives a press kit and share the results of your upcoming placement and record reviews with our sales staff to help impact your over-all sales. Our programs have been especially effective for our over-seas labels, giving their releases direct contact with U.S. press outlets.

Lastly, we specialize in all genres ranging from world, jazz, experimental, indie rock, blues, americana, singer-songwriter, hip-hop and electronica. We are a versatile department that can offer an array of services to fit your label and artists needs. And if you don’t see a program that fits your needs, we will work with you and customize a publicity campaign!