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Playing Pokemon x on the Nintendo DS

If you’re experiencing difficulty with your Pokemon X or Y (version) and can’t get it to function properly, you may want to try this. There is a method to restart Pokemon X and begin over. While this technique will not work for every version of Pokemon X and Y, it should suffice. What you need to do is…
To begin, as is the case with the majority of things in the Pokemon series, the only method to “reset” Pokemon games is to save them. This procedure will also work if your “Pokemon Black” or “Pokemon Yellow” discs are not working. If you’re playing these older games, you’re unlikely to be able to save your progress. As a result, before you can continue playing, you must format and delete your current save file. To do so, when you reach the main title screen, simultaneously press Start on the D Pad, A, and X.

After completing these steps, you will be asked to backup your original save data. To do so, go to your selection menu and choose “save game,” then enter a name. This creates a backup save file that you can simply download and store to your hard drive, from which you may access the new game.
After downloading and saving the backup save file, the next step is to load and play the new game. The majority of emulators have a setting that allows for the use of cheats, hacks, and other modifications. You may activate these options to make these cheats and hacks available to you. These changes will enable you to play Pokemon x on your existing cartridge rather of purchasing a new one.
However, if you have a cartridge that is more recent than the one you are presently using, you will be unable to do so. However, this does not preclude you from playing Pokemon games on the Nintendo DS. They may also be played in various ways. One alternative is to play in the conventional manner by inserting a fresh cartridge and repeating the procedure. The disadvantage is that you will have to repeat the processes.
Another method to play the DS is to boot up the game’s flash-based version. This will load the game and enable you to play it on your DS. The sole disadvantage of this choice is that it restricts you to playing just one Pokemon game. However, if you own several Pokemon games, it’s worth a try.
If you have an older cartridge and want to play the new game on it, there is a simpler method. A special software application will be required to convert your DS cart into a format compatible with the newer system. This program is available for free download through the internet.
Once you’ve downloaded the software, all you need to do is power on the DS and transfer the data from your old game to the memory card of your new DS. Once the data is in place, you may play the game and pick up where you left off in your last session. Bear in mind, however, that if you download the game through the web site used to distribute new games, some components of the new versions may not be compatible with your older cartridge. Therefore, if you already own the DS version of the game, ensure that it is compatible. Otherwise, you would have spent time and effort attempting to make the new one work with the existing one.

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