Finding A Domain For My Amazon Affiliate Site, Expired Domain

I am doing things a little different than usual this time when choosing my domain name. For most, but not all, of my other affiliate marketing sites I went with a brand new exact match domain (EMD).

For those that are unfamiliar with what this is, an exact match domain simply means that if you want to rank for the keyword phrase “dog training”, you would by the domain dogtraining .com, .net or .org.

This has worked pretty well for me in the past. I have plenty of page 1 rankings in Google for my exact match domains. The one thing that always seems to get when I attempt to rank brand new domain names is the dreaded Google sandbox though.

The basic definition of the Google sandbox is a penalty that is given to a website when Google does not completely trust the website. Some people say that it doesn’t exist but whatever you want to call it, all too often I have brand new websites that get penalized while I am building links to them.

For this reason, this time I am going to buy an expired domain which in theory already has the trust that Google is looking for. My theory is that if I get a website that is already a few years old, I will be able to build a crazy amount of links (within reason) to the site and Google will not care.

Also, the second part of my theory is that I will be able to rank for much “tougher” keywords because of the age of the expired domain.

We’ll see if I get the results I am looking for.

Enough theory, let’s find a domain that is ripe for the pickin’. In order to do that, I head on over to

I will be using fewer fields than he does to find his domains, but the process is similar. Here are the fields that I will be using to limit my search:

Keyword: Here I will enter just a portion of my target keyword and not the exact match. For example, if the keyword I am going after is “food processors”, I will enter either “food” into this field. Or if the keyword I am going after is “desk lamp”, I will enter the word “lamp” into this field. Basically, I want to make sure that the website I am going to purchase is somewhat related to the niche I am pursuing.

Traffic: Here I will enter “1”. This just means that the website is getting some traffic.

Domain Age: This will be the most important to me. Here I will enter “5” which means I am looking for websites 5 years or older. This may be tough to find but we’ll see.

Another key factor which is not listed on this page is pagerank of the domain. I want to make sure that the website that I am going to purchase has some sort of pagerank. This basically tells me that the website has not fallen out of Google’s good graces.

That’s about it. I am going to spin the wheel and see what I come up with. Hopefully, I will be able to create a video of my own soon to show this process.

In my next post, hopefully I will have found and purchased an expired domain.

5 Best Android Live Wallpapers for Your Smartphone

One of the reasons why Android is liked by so many people is that it allows you to use various customization options that enhance the beauty of the phone. Even though some may say that live wallpapers consume a lot of battery power, it is one of the best features of Android. Live wallpapers feature was introduced in the Android 2.1 (Éclair) version. Since then it has been there in all the recent versions of the Android OS.

Live wallpapers are theme apps which mainly consist of interactive and animated wallpapers and they come with few customization options. When you move the phone, the elements of the live wallpapers also move and swirl. When you touch the image of the homescreen, the image can change dynamically. Live wallpapers can also access certain features of the phone such as GPS, network, etc.

Here is a list of some of the coolest live wallpapers for your Android phone:


When you install snowfall live wallpaper on your phone, you can display the scenic beauty of the winter season on your phone. Whenever you access your phone, you will see the beautiful and gentle snowflakes slowly swaying around the snow clad mountains and trees. By touching on the screen you can control the movement of the snow.


It is one of the all time favorite themes that can give a refreshing look to your phone. The rising sun and the stunning background with birds flying around along with a vibrant rainbow is what this live wallpaper has in store for you. The customization option allows you to set a personalized good morning message and allows you to modify the movement of the birds.


Thunderstorm is one of the most attractive and mesmerizing live wallpapers available. When you enable this live wallpaper, your phone will display an attractive show of lightning and thunder. When lightning occurs, it displays flash of lightning through the clouds. You can also see heavy rainfall. The customization option allows you to turn on the sounds to add natural effects to the thunderstorm live wallpaper.


The aquarium live wallpaper brings to you some of the most beautiful fishes and plants in 3D. The fishes move around the homescreen and the plants sway gently and it gives you a real feeling of owning an aquarium. The appealing backgrounds and smooth animation will truly enthrall you. Whenever you tap on the screen, fishes start moving towards that area of the screen.


The calm and peaceful beauty of the night with twinkling stars with a beautiful image of the moon in the background can accentuate the beauty of your phone. Various versions of the nightfall live wallpaper are available such as city life nightfall, rainy nightfall, angels and nightfall, and so on. Millions of users are using this breathtaking live wallpaper. Its time you also get it installed on your smartphone.

Are you a Marketer or a Consumer?

Time to admit a thing or two. Sometimes I go crazy and I hang around Warrior Forum day and night. I read all the “shiny object syndrome” sales pitches that cost next to nothing, sometimes I even buy them. Its a part of my constant search for different edges and different points of view. And from time to time I do stumble upon a true gem (more on that later).

I also read all the comments. Boy-oh-boy do I see people being really really lost in the mad world of internet marketing.

One would believe Warrior forum is the place for Internet Marketers, but seeing what’s going on there, the constant question I am asking myself is: for the Love of God

Nothing actually wrong with buying things. We all buy stuff. Be a Consumer, buyer, marketer, sales person, mogul and guru and all that shit… it doesn’t really bother me much. There is one thing that everybody needs to decide for themselves, though:

You are there to either MAKE money, or to SPEND money. There is no middle ground!

Before you kick my ass and say “Ok, what the hell are you buying then your WSO’s for?” the thing is, I am only buying stuff that I don’t need (seriously), and only to see the views, the funnels or the pitch of a marketer. I couldn’t care less for a $7 thing that promises eternal money income stream and 6 figures in 2 months. It’s BULLSHIT. Trust me.  There are rare exceptions, but many of them are almost completely useless. Everybody knows that, the problem is, nobody wants to believe it.

Still, what the $7 offers are giving me – which is important and priceless – is INSIGHT of what could work. What are the thinking patterns of sellers and what are the things other people buying. The needs. The demand of the (potential) customers.

So when I buy my thing for $7 or $17, actually regardless of price, what I am thinking is: how could I implement this or something similar into my business model? How can this help me make more money? How can I take one good part and apply it to my pages. To my existing web properties, sales funnels. What good can I grab out of this?! Sometimes (often), its nothing. Sometimes, though, there are some really good ideas hidden – and I bet my hat on it, completely missed – inside these reports. Those I call “The $100 sentences”.

There is no need to avoid WSO like plague, but it doesn’t hurt if one is really really careful. And doesn’t hurt to have really decided if you want to be a Marketer (Seller)? Or you want to be the Consumer (Buyer)?

So, if you are a marketer, and you hangout on Warrior or any other IM forum for that matter, your thinking is different. Your perception of the world is different. Your goals, your dreams are different. And you being there is not to search for the next 11 page report that will make you $185,17 daily with no prior knowledge at all. With “newbie friendly” letters stamped all over it. You know it’s not for us.

You are there and thinking:

Often I find that a lot of the standard things are missing. A good OTO. A sales funnel. A follow up. The premium thing. Oh well, not all marketers are made equal.

The lost, the bad Consumers (because there are good ones too but this is not about them)… well they are those who are on the same forum, and they constantly bitch and moan. About anything. If the offer is cheap, then its too cheap. If its expensive, then its out of their league. If its good, they don’t see how it works. If its bad, its useless shit. If it has OTO its annoying. If it doesn’t have OTO then why is it so short. If a 15 page report cannot make me $98,344.11 in 3 days then it is WORTHLESS. The comments, I imagine might as well be like these:

Well, wake up call: NO WORK, NO MONEY! Simple as that.

Bonus question or as they say, here’s the million dollar question:

(*) Note: By working your ass off I don’t mean 18 hours a day for 40 years. Working SMARTER is better than working HARDER. If you outsource your complete business to a good team, it is still work. But you actually don’t have to be involved so much… Also, I deliberately marked one GOOD and one BAD! There are of course, BAD people on the Marketer side (and they should be banned for life from selling anything). And there are GOOD CONSUMERS too. You know, the ones that are really there to LEARN. To IMPLEMENT. To WORK ON IT.

If you are in the group on the left, then good. There is nothing to stop you, well done. Keep it up. Scale it up. Go out and sell more (later on that too).

If you are in the right column, well, sorry but you just HAVE TO STOP. Stop chasing the money and start to MAKE money. Stop thinking that you need a shiny object and think about all the knowledge you already have. You can START something with that too! Stop whining and LEARN. Stop buying and SELL. Stop procrastinating start CREATING. If you don’t have a startup capital, start small. If you are broke, GET A JOB. Save. But start. Because, here is the good part:

There is really no secret to it, and to be honest, these 5 points is all you need:

All checked? AWESOME. You are on the right track. If it works, REPEAT. If not, fix it, and start all over. Start Today. Right now!

You will make it. Sooner or later.

Stick around this blog, and you will make it sooner.

Thats it. It is THAT SIMPLE. And don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

Stay well!

Loved the writing? Hated it? You think I’m a genius or I am full of shit? Let me know in the comments below.

Top 10 best free android action game apps

Do you love to play action games online, then check out the list of best free android action game apps that you can download now itself from Google play store and start enjoying. These are all shooting and destroying the enemy kind of games mostly downloaded free by many android users. Before downloading any android action game app you can also check out the popularity rating provided by many users as well as the story based on what the game will continue. You can get this information as soon as you select the app. If you are not interested on reading details, then it is better install the android action game app straightway and have a try now itself. If you don’t like the game you can uninstall later.

Anyway here I am listing few such android action game apps which are best according to popularity rating. You can check out the plot or the story of each game here itself with the download link provided besides every name.


This game is a continuation of the earlier release Zombie Evil. Those who have already played that game will enjoy the extended version in this part. For others it will give you a wonderful journey of various types of zombies in different situations. You can enjoy the kill rampage with 50 different types of weapons and enjoy the best gaming experience ever. This game deserves to be on the top of the list of best free android action game app.

This is our known and very popular super hero character that we love to enjoy in any format (movie, game, cartoon series etc). In this mobile game you can enjoy the wonderful ride of the New York City, be a part of many adventures and also face many monsters & mutants. Enjoy many action moves and weapons and destroy every villain.

Drone is an epic based action drama game. You have to do many strategies, plan and then accordingly attack your enemies with various types of weapons. Build your team with commandoes and take up the challenging missions. If you love to play strategy based games then you can put this on your list of best free android action game app.

It’s time to learn and apply some classical martial art techniques. Yes, with Shadow Fight 2 you can enjoy the classic actions with many moves like kick, punch, jump and slashing. Take armor, equip yourself with many lethal weapons and jump into the war to show your martial art skills.

This game is also based on an epic plot. You can prepare your cards of characters, moves, powers and then start the battle.

This is a touch-based 3-on-3 action combat game.

This is the best zombie shooter android game ever made. It’s not like typical killing rampage game. In fact you can take part in many tournaments and win prizes, save the world from zombie attacks.

This one is a different kind of action game where you have to fight with your boss. Show your frustration, collect power, weapons, magical energy from various stages and attack your boss straight way. This is the sequel of the first one Beat the Boss. But don’t play this game in front of your Boss…

Now after going through all high profile android mobile games this might look pretty simple and straight forward to you. In fact this is true as in this game you can enjoy a cold blood plot where you will be the hitman and find out your enemies and shoot them with sniper. Enjoy the various angles and zoom on the sniper camera.

This game will add and continue the variety of mobile games that I am able to provide so far. This is a tank based war game which allows multiple persons to play together. You can join an online battle of 4 vs. 4 or even enter as alone against computer.

Now this is a dark plot of underworld and crime. Raise your voice, make a team and then start the battle against your own boss, the don of the underworld. If you have played and liked Mafia, then you will definitely like this drama based game as well.

So hope you have enjoyed the list of best free android action game apps so far and also hit the download now button of couple of them already. Don’t get addicted too much, just play any game for a break from monotony only.

If you like this article and my effort then hit any of the sharing buttons below and let your friends know about that. You can also subscribe to our free email Newsletter and Like our Facebook page for regular updates.

Ever wanted to work from home with an internet marketing business? 3 Things!

That’s why when you are going to be investing time, energy, and likely a little money at some point, you want to be certain that your investments are going to pay off. This can be a daunting task as there are literally thousands of people who “have figured out the path to success!” Money will just flow through your door! All you have to do is sign up, sit back, and wait.

All the while you continue waiting, your bills are stacking up. You’ve tried their programs and now simply want to throw the computer through the window. You don’t though. Only because you can’t afford to replace it. So reluctantly you move onto the next one.

Let me clarify something for anyone wondering about real ways to make money online. There are only a few. Programs like Swagbucks suck you in, and in the end you realize that all their promises simply aren’t true. You need to make real money right? You need something that you can work for and see real concrete progress for the time you put in.

The fact of the matter is, if you’re going to make money online you will be putting a lot of hard work in. Especially at first. Nothing great was ever gained without a little blood, sweat, and tears right?

The proper identification of a reliable web hosting company is the first crucial step in the creation of your online business. While there are many companies out there who can host your website, only a few really stand up to the test. You must be certain that no matter the time of day help will be readily accessible to you. If it isn’t, you stand to lose a lot more than revenue. You’ll end up driving yourself crazy.

Take it from someone who has already been down that road. Do your homework before you select the first one you see. Go through their pros and cons. Do they offer you multiple site hosting at no extra cost? Do they offer a live 24 hour support system as well as a reference library of video information? These are just a couple of the questions that need to be answered ahead of time. For my review of the best web hosting companies

Traffic generation is next on the agenda. How will you get people to your website? That is the object after all. Do yourself a favor and open a new tab, go to Google, type any subject in, and you will likely see hundreds of thousands if not millions of search results. So the question becomes, how does your website not become buried on page 51467 of the search results? No one will see the valuable information you have to offer there. Think about your own search habits. If you’re anything like me, time is usually of the essence and you don’t have any to waste on a page suggestion that pops up past pages one, two, or three of the search results. That indicates one of two things. Either a long and expensive advertising campaign, or top notch SEO skills (Search Engine Optimization). There is a way to do this however and take a large majority of the guess-work out. For more information on this please

While getting paid per clicks by companies advertising on your webpages can generate some money, you probably won’t generate the kind of long-term success that you’re looking for. This means that you will want to become an affiliate of a larger company. Where do you find a legitimate one then? Good question. Just as there are thousands of search results on any subject, affiliate marketing is no exception. Be very careful in your selection of an affiliate company. The internet is rife with people looking to make a fast buck off of you. Avoid companies that use trigger words and promise you that you can make a certain amount in one day or some other such nonsense. For my reviews of the best affiliate marketing companies for beginners

You can guarantee your success. It is possible. When I first started marketing online from home I was in desperate need of something that could generate a long-term success even though the need for money was immediate. I limited the mistakes that I made by gathering all the information I felt was needed. It paid off.

You will probably not want to hear this but hours and hours, and days of work were put in before I saw any results. There were days I wanted to give up. I didn’t though. My mama didn’t raise a quitter and I’m so glad she didn’t!

Your results could be seen much more quickly than my own. It is possible because I’ve seen it before. Many times in fact. All I am trying to relay to you is please do not get discouraged if you, like me, do not see immediate results.

7 Proven Ways To Increase Your Traffic

7 Proven Ways To Increase Your Traffic

You’re in an affiliate internet business online and you would like to make a profit. Are you trying to mold the internet, business, and profit all into a successful attempt to make money online? Well in order for this to happen there is one ingredient that you must add to your endeavor. You must produce traffic to your web presence. This is really the most important component of any online business.

You can have the greatest product available on the internet; you can have the best designed website in existence; you can have the best blog that WordPress can be used to develop; but if you do not have traffic, you will not have a system that will make you money online.

So having all of those things in place, it’s time to consider the traffic element. The competition is tough but you need to start the process of getting traffic to your site – website, blog, squeeze page, etc. Of those options, probably getting traffic to your squeeze page is the best, but that is another topic. For now let’s look at 7 proven ways to drive traffic to your web presence.

1. Establish links with the web presence of others.

In this effort you exchange links with other sites. This will be slow but in the end both parties will see increased traffic as a result of this effort. Find website owners that will link to your site as you link to theirs. Comment on blogs. If a conversation gets started, you may get a link back to your blog.

2. Pay for advertising.

With Google AdWords and Yahoo Overture you can almost guarantee that you will get traffic to your site. This will cost and you cannot be sure that the traffic will produce the results that you want. But many of those that see your ads will click through to your site. You pay and then your website has to invoke the action that is necessary to make your advertising efforts profitable. But, you will get traffic so try to make it useful to your efforts.

3. Add Viral marketing to your set of traffic tools.

In this case you can use free methods to spread your business links all over the internet. You can get your web presence and your products before a lot of people, internet users. With this method you can develop info products or purchase products in which you can imbed your company name, links to your affiliate products, other information that will lead to you.

You can give these ebooks, etc. away or you can have this information attached in some way to a product that you sell. This works a lot like a virus and internet marketers get exposed to your efforts. As a result your internet business is exposed to more and more people.

Here are two excellent sources to obtain viral ebooks:

Viral Ebook Explosion: This one is free.
Affiliate Cash Secrets : This one has a 126-Page Home-Study Course. There is a free trial.

4. Use keywords and/or keyword phrases in all of your internet content.

As you put content on your blog, in articles that you submit, or anywhere else that you have a web presence, the possibility exists that your content will be found by those searching on the internet for affiliate products. If your sites contain keywords that match the search and your sits are displayed high in the search engines, you might get traffic before some other site. At lease you might be high enough in the ranking to be considered before someone else.

5. Write and submit articles.

I mentioned this above, but if you will spend some time doing this on a consistent basis, you will see new traffic to your site. But you will have to keep up the effort. The more articles you submit, the more traffic you will see.

Also, there is a relationship being built here. If people like the articles that you submit, they will start looking for your articles and you will possibly be able to get people to read your articles on a regular basis and also go to your site.

6. Use your newsletter.

If you have not implemented a newsletter as part of your affiliate internet business online, now is the time to start one. Every time you mail your newsletter out you can include a link that takes your reader to your website or blog. This will drive some traffic to your online presence. Ask them to visit your blog. As they visit they will get more exposure to what you are doing and the products that your are promoting – your affiliate products, etc.

7. Join forums and use social communities.

Visit forums and become a part of what is going on there. Use your ability to include a signature. Here you can include a link back to your website or an offer that you have. Just follow the forum’s guidelines. As you become known in the community some will click through and you will have traffic. As your traffic increases and your offers are compelling, you will likely see an increase in sales or opt-ins.

As you use these steps your traffic will increase and when you provide what the traffic is looking for you will find success in your attempts to make money online. This will cause your affiliate internet business online to succeed.

Keyword search with Google Tools

Google has so many great tools you can use for choosing keywords that it seems almost impossible to know about all of them. Recently, I learned about one called Wonder Wheel. It’s intended to give a searcher more options to consider, but it can be used for other purposes as well.

To use Google Wonder Wheel, start by putting a fairly general search term into the Google search engine, and hit “search.” In addition to the search results, you’ll see a column on the left hand side. Click on “Search Tools” or “More search tools,” depending on how often you use search tools. You’ll see one that says “Wonder wheel.” That’s the one we want. Click on that, and watch a bit of magic.

For purposes of example, we’ll start with a search on “square foot gardening.” Clicking on Wonder Wheel after doing that search divides the main search result area in half. On the right side, you’ll see a column of search results not too dissimilar to the list that took up most of the screen before. But you’ll notice a big change on the left.

What happened? Wonder Wheel took “square foot gardening” and put it in the middle of a shaded circle. Spokes radiate out from this circle like rays out from a sun. Each spoke leads to a related key phrase. This particular search yields eight spokes:

Container gardening
Lasagna gardening
Square foot gardening forum
Square foot gardening spacing
Intensive gardening
Square foot gardening vermiculite
Square foot gardening tomatoes
Square foot gardening layout

Each of these terms is related to the search phrase “square foot gardening.” I’ve just gotten interested in square foot gardening myself, so I recognize some of these terms. But if I were starting a blog on my square foot gardening adventures (or misadventures, depending on how next season turns out), I might not have thought to describe it as “container gardening” or “intensive gardening.” And I know I never would have thought of “lasagna gardening”!

In fact, the term “lasagna gardening” is a little too interesting to leave alone, so let’s investigate it a little further. Every term on the Wonder Wheel can be clicked. Clicking “lasagna gardening” creates another wheel. The original wheel with “square foot gardening” at the center glides below it, while remaining connected to the new wheel. The old wheel takes on a lighter color, but you can still click on every keyword in it.

And what do we have in the new keyword wheel – excuse me, Wonder wheel? Well, “lasagna gardening” sits at the center, and eight new keywords encircle it in the same way eight key phrases encircled “square foot gardening” earlier. I can click on every single one of them. There are only two major differences (aside from the new keywords) from when the original wheel dominated the left hand side of screen. First, there’s a line connecting the new wheel to the old wheel. And second, as you would expect, the right hand column, which lists the search results, has changed to list results for “lasagna gardening.”

And here’s a nice touch to satisfy my curiosity: the very first result includes a one-sentence definition for the phrase “lasagna gardening,” so I’m no longer in the dark about what it is. Now I know how it relates to “square foot gardening,” and can fit that bit of knowledge into the larger picture of what I know about the more general subject.

I can go even deeper if I want. Clicking on “lasagna gardening plants” gives me a third Wonder wheel. The first one, with “square foot gardening” in the center, remains visible only as a circle – though interestingly, it shows up as part of a keyword in the new circle: “square foot gardening plants.” And once again, the search results on the right hand side change. If I want to go back to my original Wonder wheel, I need only click that circle on the bottom, and I’m right back where I started.

For just a few minutes of effort, I discovered about two dozen key phrases that are related to “square foot gardening.” A number of these are terms I might not have come up with on my own. Many of them don’t even contain the phrase “square foot gardening,” but clearly deal with related, relevant topics. I’m sure you can see how this tool can help you come up with new keywords to aim for on your own or your clients’ websites. Good luck!

Best Real Estate WordPress Themes to Create a Property Portal

Real Estate is a risky business. It involves heavy investment but once you have made the investment in the right property you’re sure to fetch great money. To simplify and outgrow ones business it is important for every real estate agent to set up a responsive and user friendly website. Thus, all the real estate agents can definitely take aid of wordpress to design a website for their business. There are a couple of real estate themes available for these real estate agents on WordPress. Below, we have listed few of the best WordPress themes for real estate business.


The theme has been developed and designed by Studiopress. It is a premium theme for real estate agents. The features of agent press are notable. There are 6 layout options and 5 colors available in the theme. The theme is already so well designed that you’ll not need many amendments to create a website for your business. There is a custom header in the theme.


This again is a multi-purpose theme however it is best suited for real estate business. There are some really incredible features of FlatRoom. There is intuitive and easy navigation. There are search filters for the users to search. There is also a facility of trading for the users available in the theme.


Estate expert theme is designed and developed by ColorLabs. It is an ideal theme for real estate agents. The theme is highly responsive and is equipped with multiple features. There is an advanced property search option in this theme. You can apply for filters and simplify your search based on location, price and other additional features. In the theme you’ll find IDX MLS integration with dsIDXpress.


If you’re a real estate agent looking for a perfect real estate website theme then you’re definitely going to love the realia theme. This is an incredible theme that will enable you to start your own property portal. There are 10 background patterns in realia. You’ll notice 3 header setups in the theme and 20 color variations that will enable you to easily customize your theme to suit your needs. The website theme is packed with full width and boxed version.


This is another wordpress theme that can be used to set up a property portal. The website will be highly responsive and easily compatible with all the devices (mobile, tablet and PC). There are over 600 fonts in the theme and 300 retina ready icons present. You’ll find custom widgets and grid sliders in the theme. There are unlimited colors in the theme and over 100 shortcodes available in the theme.

In case you’re a real estate agent and looking out for availing the best looking website then above we have provided some of the best real estate WordPress themes that you can use to start your own property search portal. A good looking website is definitely an aid to accelerate the growth of your business.