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Tell me, how long have you been in the MLM industry? Did you start your profession in this industry? Or, were you like most of the other MLMers, who came from Corporate America and couldn’t take it any more that they wanted a change?

Either way, I believe you understand what I am about to say. When you first joined network marketing, did you think you had the right skills that you can use to become successful in this industry?

Like myself, your answer was probably an absolute YES. But, what you soon will find out after being in the industry for about 3-6 months is what you thought you knew would be helpful for building your MLM business was rather useless. If these aren’t the rules by which we should be following, then what should we do?

I once heard a successful MLMer say (you may have heard this too), “It’s funny, in this industry you are faced with whatever you are not good at.” Could you imagine if we knew that before we got started? We probably wouldn’t have decided to embark on this journey of true financial success using MLM as the vehicle. Well, some of us may have, depending on how much we like challenges. But, some probably would have not.

Never less, once you realize this, you will be extremely grateful, because if you can overcome whatever weakness you currently have, that’s when you will become a very good network marketer in this industry and probably a leader too. These are the rules by which we should be playing the MLM game by.

Think back to after you joined, did your mentor or leader originally tell you this? They probably did, but not in so many words, I’m sure. At the least, they probably dropped some hints. They didn’t want to put it on a silver platter for you. No, they wanted you to come to realize it for yourself.

Because when you do come to realize it on your own, only then is when you’re ready to take it to the next level. This will be the first time when you feel you’re definitely ready for the challenge. At this moment, there’s no stopping your burning desire.

If you didn’t have a mentor or leader to guide you through the business, I’m sorry. Because having a leader or mentor to be there along your side is the difference between continuing on to MLM success or quitting.

Really, no need to fear because it’s your time to rise above and become that mentor, that leader for your team. It’s never too late to rise to the challenge. As the saying goes, “Better late than never.”

You see, leaders are the core to your business building experience. They will take you through proper training. They will show you what’s worked for them and what hasn’t. They will guide you through building your business so you can create a duplicable system that anyone of your team members can easily pick-up on.

Take my business for example. I am constantly working on improving myself and my team where we are the most weak at. Why? Because when we can overcome those weaknesses, everything else is a no-brainer. Nothing a little formal training and time can’t cure.

Isn’t it about time that you become a leader to provide your team with the necessary skills and techniques to build your business? Who cares if they are not in your local town. Who cares if you are afraid. Just be confident and start building your business.

Start creating your duplicable system. Teach your team members all about it, and have their team members teach their team members. And, before you know it, your entire downline will be using the system you developed. So, who will benefit from such a system?

Uh, you and everyone!

So remember, what you think will work for you in your MLM business probably will most likely not. Those rules are different then the rules of your network marketing business. The rules as a network marketer are, face what you are not good at and overcome them. Then, learn and implement them into your business. Train your downline no differently then the way you learned. Don’t wait to share this vital rule of MLM, because your success and your team’s success is dependent on it.

Dedicated to your success,

Worldwide Gaming

All gamers know that moment when you play a new game and you’re absolutely blown away by the graphics. Occasionally the game will be good too and you’ll be sucked into it. It’s one of those times when you marvel at the age we live in, that such a realistic looking game exists. ‘What next, virtual reality? How could anything get more realistic–?’

I’ve lost track of the times I’ve felt that. The first time was when I sat down to play a PSX game; Tekken II. I remember thinking it was ‘too mind blowing’ and ‘scarily realistic’.

These precious shards of memory take the form of disks, placed away in your collection for a later date. They seem to be timeless classics. But nothing is timeless. These games always come with an expiration date; a moment when the curtain is pulled. You sit down and play the game only to notice small holes you didn’t notice before.

You start to see the game not as a world but a collection of graphics – the clipping and poorly rendered textures are painfully apparent. How could you have not noticed these before?

That’s the graphical expiration date. Everyone’s expiration date is different – after all, it’s not the game that’s changed. You’ve tasted something better, more refined and now you struggle to go back. That sense of wonderment will never return no matter how badly you want it to. It’s still a good game, but it’s not as magical as it once was. What was once sparkle is now to your eyes a blocky particle effect.

It would be a sweet world without the expiration date- we’d all relish in low resolution graphics, never needing the graphical ambience of games like Skyrim and Assassins Creed 4. Developers would have an easier time of it too; imagine if they only had to work with 8-bit graphics instead of designing new cutting edge game engines every year. The rise in HD editions and console generation ports are pretty much proof of people’s need to have better graphics – it’s supply and demand.

Humanity used to be happy just having a steady food supply, fire and water. Our ‘needs’ escalate and we find ourselves not being able to cope without that little bit more. Is it our fault, or are we just built that way?

I picked up Vampire: The Masquerade for the PC last week and tried to play it. It had seemed so cutting edge, so brilliantly designed. Now there are indie games on the market that can achieve a higher level of graphic design. I found myself struggling to connect with it as I used to. I’d waited too late to pick it up and play it through again, I’d gone over the ‘expiration date’.

Some will claim there’s no expiration date on a truly timeless game, that even saying so is being ‘shallow’ and interested in graphics more than quality. I’m not speaking about good game play like Minecraft, a game that is wholly unrealistic yet still wholly addictive to play.

I’m talking about that moment of marvel when you pick up a game and you feel your avatar and the world on the screen are truly realistic. For those who truly have no graphical expiration date, I envy you – what I wouldn’t give to once again approach an 8 bit game with awe.

There may never be a point in which things stop having a graphical expiration date – the Matrix game may never come to pass. But if we could convince people to be satisfied with the games we’ve got, we could probably solve a lot bigger issues.

Me? I’m going to mod out Oblivion to try give it a graphics boost.

By Adam Ipsen

The vending machine theory

The vending machine theory
There are two plumbers in my basement, clanking away as they install a new hot water heater. Our old one decided on Sunday that its service life was over.

I remember when I was in the thick of my last round of chemo, back in Maryland during the lost summer of ’05, we had a toilet overflow and flood out the room below it. I was sick and weak, Pete was already overwhelmed trying to pick up the pieces of the household that I’d been steadily dropping, the kids were young, we lived in a place with few friends and family, and the ceiling was literally falling in. It felt like the end of the world.

One of the valuable lessons I learned the first time around is that the amount of shit we are dealt in life is not metered, at least not in any way I can make sense of.

I will give you another example from ’05. Months before my initial diagnosis we’d booked a 2-week vacation at a beach house in RI. The trip was to be a two-fer, allowing us to visit with family but also have our own time and space for vacation. We timed the trip so that we could attend my cousin’s wedding. As it turned out, I had my final chemo the day before we had planned to leave for that trip. We proceeded as planned anyway. The thing about the last chemo treatment is that even though it leaves you feeling your weakling sickest, it is the last one and therefore even though your body is crumbling, your spirit soars because you are done, and you are maybe done forever.

So we set out for the 8-hour drive north, and realize about 2 hours into it that we’d forgotten to take all of the hanger clothes (Pete’s suit, my dress, you get the idea). OK, no problem, Pete would skip the ceremony and I would borrow or buy a dress (we hadn’t planned to attend the reception, because contrary to popular belief, I do understand the concept of limits). We get to RI, set up temporary quarters at my dad’s house for the night (Emma is 4, Fia 18 months), and next morning as I am getting ready to drag myself to see my sweet little cuz tie the knot, we hear a spl-crash. It is the sound of a pill bottle falling to the floor, contents scattering. And as we all rush to the guest bedroom, there is Sofia collecting little pink pills (benadryl) and doing what 18 months old do with colorful found bite-size objects.

We call poison control, and then while I head to the wedding, Pete heads to the ER. Where Sofia eats a big bowl of charcoal ice cream and tragedy is averted. And then the ER doctor feels the need to give Pete a long lecture on keeping medications safe from kids. And to this day, I do not understand why Pete did not strangle that asshole. Because at that point in time, there were 4 of us sleeping in makeshift quarters, I was the functional equivalent of the walking dead, and oh by the way, of the half dozen bottles of pills I had taken with me, benadryl was the most benign option by an order of magnitude. All Pete had to say was “sorry, my wife is half dead from chemo and we are sleeping on air mattresses at my in-laws for one night until we can get into our vacation rental and we didn’t even remember our wedding clothes but you’re right, we really should have toted along those child safety locks.” I am certain any jury would have let him off for whatever he might have done to Dr. Judgy McKnow-it-All.

So these two little tales from 7 years ago bring me to why I didn’t even flinch at the hot water heater.

Because I know that life is not a vending machine.

Sure, you can put in your $1.25 and hit B7, but if you think you’re going to get a Mello Yello every time, joke’s on you.

A common refrain that I heard then and I hear now is “you don’t deserve this.” And that is a 100% true statement. But it is predicated on the belief that there is some algorithm for how and why life doles out shit. In my experience, there isn’t.

People often say “you are strong, you are brave.” I am not. I am plodding through this because that is what we all try to do when we hit B7 and get a big ol’ shit sandwich.

If I were to draw a circle and stand in the middle and place every person near and dear to me around the perimeter, I could look in any direction and find somebody who got screwed by the vending machine. Loss of loved ones. Debilitating diseases. Loss of children. Violent crimes. Did any one of them ask for or deserve what they got? I know they did not.

I think that we have a basic human need to understand why things happen. And I think we feel some basic entitlement to fairness. When things happen that seem unfair, we can’t find the answer to the why. And we end up chasing our tails into sadness, or despair, or anger.

(Don’t get me wrong, I feel sad and desperate and angry quite often, sometimes all at once. I’m just saying that if we approach life expecting an Even Steven tally at the end, we are guaranteed to feel a disproportionate amount of sad et. al.)

For me, to maintain forward momentum (whether it be through major disease or minor household inconvenience), it is essential to not get lost in the why me, to accept the fact that sometimes life kicks you when you’re down, to let go of the expectation that if I just press the right buttons, I will get exactly what I want or expect.

Postscript: There is corollary to the vending machine theory, and lest you think I am a total fatalist, I promise to revisit this at some future date. The working title is “how to turn your shit sandwich into shit-ade.” I admit it needs some work.


X-Men Apocalypse (2016) Review

With Logan coming out soon, I decided to rent X-Men Apocalypse from RedBox and check it out. X-Men Apocalypse has a 48% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so critics were split on the movie. Just from browsing around the internet, my impression was that it wasn’t as good as Days of Future Past. Therefore, I was a little skeptical going in.


Going into the movie, I thought that Sophie Turner’s performance was going to be terrible. I used to watch Game of Thrones, and I always found her acting to be very wooden. She didn’t really emote a lot in the show. I should note that I haven’t watched Game of Thrones since season 3. But, I liked her acting in X-Men. Her acting didn’t distract from the movie like I expected it to. It was also cool to get a little tease of the dark phoenix character during the third act. I bet this will be the basis for the next movie.

As always, Professor X and Magneto are the stars in the movie for me. I always liked their interactions because, while having completely different mentalities, they remain friends. Even though Magneto kills people all the time. It was interesting to see that Professor X restored the memory of Moira. That’s something I wasn’t expecting, and I wonder if their relationship will play a major part in future films.

I thought that Apocalypse was a menacing villain although his character wasn’t as fleshed out as I would have liked. His strength was on a whole other level compared to the X-Men, and a lot of the other Marvel movies don’t really show the power of their villains. Usually Marvel movies have a lot of minions instead of one powerful villain to fight. I mean it took all of Jean Gray’s power to kill him. We all know that Jean is one of the most powerful X-Men out there.


Jennifer Lawrence really phoned this one in. I don’t understand why the movie focused so much on the character of Mystique. Mystique doesn’t really strike me as a leader for the new generation of X-Men. She only seems to care about Magneto and her own interests. I also don’t really like Lawrence as an actress, so I’m a bit biased in that regard.

Cyclops wasn’t anything special in this movie. I know that he is young and discovering his powers, but I didn’t really like the actor’s performance. He seemed a little awkward.

The four horsemen seemed like a cool idea, but they are taken out pretty easily by a bunch of kids. Angel really wasn’t a threat. Psylocke had some cool weapons, but she fought to a stand still with Beast. Storm was really the only character that I liked. She had a back story and you could understand her motivations for joining Apocalypse. She was rescued from stealing money on the streets to allying herself with Apocalypse, then realizing that Apocalypse was insane and just wanted to kill everyone. Storm was a leader in the original trilogy, so I wonder if she’ll take on that role in future movies.

Some parts had really bad and obvious CGI.

Havok and Cyclops’ relationship could have been developed over the course of the movie, but Havok was killed too early on. I think that is a missed opportunity. We didn’t see his body, so maybe he survived.

No Jubilee during the battles? Maybe she’ll get more of a role in the sequel.




Overall, I liked the movie. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. There were some things that I didn’t agree with, but it was still an enjoyable movie.

Final Grade: C

10 Simple Ways To Motivate Yourself

As we get older we tend to get more and more set in our ways. Being younger is all about living life to the full, but eventually we reach a point where we prefer thing to be more organized and slower. So many of us end up doing the same thing, at the same time each and every day. Then one day we may suddenly wake up and think that there must be more to life  than what you are doing.

Well there is, and there are plenty of things that you could be doing regardless of your age or health. The problem is getting motivated , well fear not, read through the rest of this article, and put some or all of the advice into motion, to motivate yourself.


1. The first thing that you have to do is believe that you want things to change. If you can’t do that then you will not get far. So lie down in a silent room, close your eyes, and concentrate on all the things you would like to do. Set goals in your mind, and believe that they can be achieved regardless of how far fetched they may seem.

2. Make a physical list on paper of what your goals are. Put the easiest at the top of the list. This way you can aim to accomplish them in order of difficulty. You will then find that as you start to cross some off, you will start to motivate yourself.

3. When setting goals, make the first ones easy. Things like tidying up the house, going for a 10 minute walk every day are quick and easy to do. If you have higher goals such as a visit to Las Vegas, then you can set lower goals to get there, such as to save a fixed amount each month.

4. As more and more goals vanish off your list, and they become part of your new life’s routine, then add more. Never let the list shorten, always ensure you have plenty of goals to motivate yourself.

5. Keep another list of your achievements, and if you feel your motivation slacking, read through it to remind you of what can be done.

6. Make as many of your goals fun. If you are going for a walk, listen to some music you like, or better still, put on a comedy sketch, then you will be walking around with a big smile on your face.

7. Sit in the sun whenever you can. This helps you feel better, and can put you in a more positive frame of mind. Remember to use sunscreen though.

8. Fix the number of hours a day the TV will be on and stick to it.

9. Make sure that you do at least one goal a day, even if it is something as simple as cutting the dead flowers off the plants.

10. When you complete a goal, sit down and think of the achievement you have done.

It is not difficult to motivate yourself once you have started, and you will find that the sense of achievement gives you a positive buzz. The hardest part is motivating your mind  for the first goal, but once that is done, there should be no stopping you.

Vega Francesca is a psychology graduate from Cal State Los Angeles. She writes for different blogs about mental and self improvement. She is currently working closely with ConsciousInk, a company with the goal to spread positivity through encouragement temporary tattoos.

10 Reasons Why You Should Make a Blog

So, you don’t have a blog yet and thinking whether making one is worth your time and effort or not. Whether you even need one or not. Right? You do. If you have reached this article and reading it, you do need a blog. I am going to give you 10 compelling reasons why you should make a blog and start blogging. Let’s start.

#1 To Share

We all read in social science books that man is a social animal. It’s human nature to want to share the happiness and sorrow, the things one likes, the thoughts that comes to one’s mind. Your blog can be an awesome place to share anything and everything about you, your work, our friends and family and last but not the least, your business. You can share everything from the last night party pics to your New Year resolutions or your new product. And you get wonderful comments, suggestions from beautiful and intelligent people all around the world. Isn’t that cool?

# 2 To Improve your Online Branding

You know that Internet has become an integral part of our daily life. When was it the last time when you went to a library and referred to some heavy books to find information about some person, product or anything? You google; don’t you? So do the companies and businesses to find/check new employees, clients and partners. Your online presence through your blog will improve your personal and professional brand. I know many people who have got good jobs or big projects because of their blogs. Even if you are not a businessman or professional, won’t you like to see your blog with a cool pic of you coming on the google when someone search for your name?

#3 To Meet New People

Believe me your blog can get you some really amazing friends. Through your blog you become the part of an online community of people around the world whose interests are same as you, who think like you. You visit their blogs, they visit yours; conversations build up and so do the relationships.

#4 To Improve your Thinking/Writing

Don’t you think people are forgetting to write in a creative and organized way. Remember old school days when we wrote so many essays and other writing assignments that made us think and thus sharpened our brain. Everyday we get so many thoughts about our life, society, politics etc. Why not give them a proper shape and put them on your blog. Once you start doing it, you will love it.

#5 To make a Wonderful diary

Have you ever experienced the amazing feeling that you get when you suddenly find a middle school notebook of yours somewhere and start reading the things you wrote back then? The little things you will write on your blog everyday will look like gems to you after 10 or 15 years. You would love to read them again and again. Your blog will be a journal of your life, the changes in your personality, thinking and philosophy over time.

#6 To improve your Business

If you have a business you can use your blog to boost it. Who doesn’t use internet these? You can use your blog to reach potential clients and improve your business significantly. You can also use your blog to connect to your clients and customers by providing them information and answering their queries. This will not only improve your credibility among your existing customers and clients but can also bring you many new ones. You can even sell your products and services online through your blog.

#7 To Bring traffic to your Main Website

If you already have a professional or business website you can use your blog as a complimentary platform to connect with more people through personalized write-ups and thus redirecting that traffic to your main website. Search engines index blogs much faster than static websites. So if Your business website does not have a blog, you are lagging behind in the competitive market.

#8 To Make Money Online through Ads

Blogging can be a full time job or business in itself if you have expertise in something and a passion for writing and helping others. Many bloggers are earning in 6-figures through a single blog. There are so many easy ways to make money online that you can make a few hundred bucks every month after the investment of a few weeks. I will cover that in a separate post. For now, just keep it in mind that your blog can also make you dollars.

#9 To Make World a Better place

The world is a good place to live because still there are people who love to help others without any reason or profit. Every one of us know something that so many other people don’t and we can share that knowledge through our blog and help others. You can write DIY tutorials, Mathematics/Science/English lessons or anything else that you think may be useful to someone. It feels really good when someone learns something from your blog and sends a Thank You.

#10 To not feel left behind

Last but not the least you should have a blog because everyone has. It doesn’t cost you big money (you can make one free), you don’t need any technical knowledge to make or run a blog, it does not take too much time and effort either. So why not have it. Even if you don’t find it worth doing after sometime, you can always go back. Every blog has a delete button. You don’t have anything to lose. So why not make a blog right now. And don’t forget to let me know about it. J

Make Profit With Website

Coming up with a good web design is a difficult exercise among inexperienced web developers. Fast web site design is the solution faced by these web developers and designers. Apart from it offering assistance to quick web development, it is associated with other benefits. Many people prefer its use since it helps in increasing profits. This web site design is helpful to both web designers and individuals who want to create there own sites. Apart from using templates, other options are easy methods are applicable to help you come up with better sites.

One of the things you should put into consideration when coming up with a website design is visual space. The font format you use to display information on your site matters. Readers are interested in having easy time while reading content in your site. Remember that not every one is patient enough to strain their eyes for them to be able to read. It is not necessarily, to have sophisticated wordings on your site to attract more readers.

Simple word order and clarity is the key to winning many readers. The pattern you use on the headings should be different from the rest of the information. Another key issue you should put into consideration when coming up with a web design is graphics and photos. The graphics you use should give the right meaning and should not contradict your information. The first thing that will attract readers to a certain site is photos. Lot of site artwork makes it filthy rather than attractive. The size of the photo also depends.

Remember many advertisers need to have there products displayed in form of a photo. Big size graphics takes big space, therefore there is need to compress them to create more space. To avoid miss understanding among your clients, get in touch and give them the size of the photo or graphics you need to post on their behalf. Simplicity is another factor that determines a good website design.

With fast web design, animations should not be encouraged. Some of these programs take time to load especially if it is long. Do not taste the patience of readers since you are competing with other sites. Browsing should be fast and efficient on your site. If readers take a long time when accessing your page they will easily give up. When browsing through your site it should be easy. Use simple language to write your content.

The other factor that you should consider in developing a web design is being appropriate. The information you give about your product should be relevant. Know what to advertise depending of the nature of your business. Advertising is the only means of communication to attract more customers. Do not restrict your adverts on one site. Post different links to other sites. Different readers believe have favorite links. The more you advertise the higher the chance of making more profits. Be careful on where to advertise since good sites attract more readers. If you rely on these tips then rest assured that your profits are definitely going to improve.

WordPress Express Review- Cool Feature or Cheap Gimmick?

The newest feature over at Wealthy Affiliate University is a tool called WordPress Express. After opening the feature there were mixed thoughts by WA members though. Is this a cool new addition, or is it just a gimmick to draw people in?

For better or worse…here is my blunt opinion with lots of details.

I love Wealthy Affiliate and am not planning on leaving. However, I am not a fanboy that blindly approves of everything that happens there. After reading the details about this new WP Express feature, I wasn’t that thrilled.

First of all, I was annoyed at the marketing of this new feature. The owners of WA, Carson and Kyle, seem like pretty good guys and support honest marketing…so I’m not sure what’s up with this new thing. The sales page makes WP Express seem like the latest and greatest thing to ever happen in the marketing world.

First of all you get to make websites fast and easy and cheap…not like the expensive Dreamweaver at $700 and the $50 per month hosting and the $200 WP themes. Um, yeah right. I have never spent that much making any site. But with WP Express you get to make unlimited sites, make them fast and cheap, you get lots of themes to choose from, and it comes with several plugins. You can really make a website in less than 60 seconds!!!

To a beginner this all sounds great. And I admit, if you really are a beginner and haven’t made a website this probably is a good way to get your first website started.

But any existing WordPress users can see the unnecessary hype. First of all, WP is very easy to install in the first place. With Fantastico (a free feature on most webhosts, which by the way should not cost more than 10 bucks a month) you can install WP and make a website in less than 5 minutes. Maybe not 60 seconds…but it is still easy. And there are countless websites out there that offer free templates or WP themes. These plugins are also free.

Bottom Line: If you are a beginner, then the new WordPress Express feature might be a good thing to check out. You really can set up a blog on your own domain very quickly without any technical trouble. But…there is no need to create hype about making WP blogs quickly, since it was already very easy to do and there are loads of free themes available.

WP Express is a decent feature for beginners, but it is really nothing new. Perhaps new to WA, but most people have been using WordPress without problem for years. With or without WP Express, it is easy to set up a blog on your domain. So this may be helpful to some beginners, but I don’t think it is an awesome new feature that is something to create a lot of hype for and market on the main WA sales page.

I hope this helps someone. I think it would be wise to join WA, but for the right reasons. If this feature is a main selling point to you, then don’t be fooled. But WA still has a great community and some nice training. The choice is always yours though. Just my 2 cents from a loyal but honest WA member.

Discover the 3 Most Profitable Work at Home Internet Business Ideas

I have been working online at home for a very long time. I am my own boss, work whenever I want and however I want. You have no idea of the value of having no one breathing down your neck, constantly harassing you for a deadline that you were already going to meet anyway. This is the jewel that is work at home internet business.

Now, I’m assuming that as you read this article, you have already decided that you want to travel down this path, shedding away the labours of offline work and going on board the information superhighway to make a living for yourself. This article will help you to choose the best work at home business ideas. Now I have chosen three of the best which I feel will yield the most profit to labour ratio.

Business Idea No. 1 Online Options

The question here is simplicity and basics. Online trading is one of the most lucrative work at home business solutions there is on the internet. I will focus here on the trading of widgets, which has boomed of late. Widgets are sort of the digital commodities trade, as they can go up or down in value as time progresses. A good and simple example is if I decide now to contractually purchase in December a widget/product on the internet for a modest sum of $30 and suddenly as that month comes along, its price goes through the roof to $50. Immediately I purchase the product for $30 and sell it for its market rate, automatically making a profit. By taking the long position, I was able to instantly, with just a few clicks of the mouse, make a $20 profit on the product. Now, imagine if you speculate on many products or multiple widgets at a time, and thus you have the potential to make huge profits.

Business Idea No. 2 Online Focus Groups

Offline focus groups are tedious, time consuming and they force you to go to locations and sit in uncomfortable rooms to be questioned. Now companies are doing this online, paying up to and even over $150 an hour for you just to sit at your desktop and give your opinions. Register yourself at various online focus group collectives and start the ball rolling straight away. It will take some time, but once you are ensconced as a valued opinion giver, you will be making some serious money from home.

Business Idea No. 3 Creating a Blog

Blogs now are a huge phenomena, with more companies realising their power as a marketing and online advertising tool. Companies have gone so far to either ‘create’ or pay good bloggers good money to continuously post on blogs, review products and provide links back to their home page. It is all about viral and affiliate marketing online, and blogs are gaining popularity in the whole marketing leverage. Earn as much as $50 – $75 an hour posting on blogs.

It is that easy and these are 3 Most Profitable Work At Home Internet Business Ideas I can think of right now as they have been doing extremely well for me. There may be others, and I advise you to do some research into the matter.

Creative Affiliate Marketing Tools

While starting your online business may be as simple picking a niche and setting up a website, you will find that there are a massive amount of tools out there to help you optimize your business. In creating your website, it’s important to understand that it’s your content that you want to focus on the most. However, you are running a business and you do need to do some form of promotion to keep up with your competitors. Luckily for you, there are many ways to do this.

In the coming weeks, I will begin using a variety of tools to determine which ones are better suited for my needs. As I try them out, I will be sure to post a review and give you all of the information I have on each tool so that you can make an informed decision as to which tool will be a good fit for you. Keep an eye out for new links as I will be updating this page as I try out new tools and linking you to my review of each tool. So let’s talk about your different options.

Creating content is definitely where your focus should always be. The reason behind this is that you want to engage your readers. They came across your website for a reason. They were looking for something. You want to make sure that you give them the answers they were looking for. Otherwise, you won’t keep their interest and they won’t follow you or share your information.

There are many different methods for getting your content out there. Your primary focus should be on your actual website. But there are other options available to point people to your website in case they aren’t necessarily searching for something. For example, you could be a guest on someone else’s blog and point people back to your website.

The fact that my website here is about making money online doesn’t mean that this is the only subject I’m interested in writing about. I might read someone else’s blog about vacationing in Hawaii and want to share my own story. So, if they allowed me to be a guest blogger, I could write a post with my own experience in Hawaii and tie it into my website somehow to point people over here. I could say something to the effect of, “Since I make money online [], I’m able to take a trip anytime I want and do my work from my laptop. Which is exactly what I did on the shores of Hawaii. So while I was there…” See what I did there?

There are other methods for getting your content out there as well such as article spinning and back linking. Article spinning is basically taking content that you’ve already published and writing it differently to spin it into new content. While that is somewhat of a controversial method, there are tools available that will assist with this. I’ll get into those later. Back linking is simply creating content in various places on the Web and linking it back to your website to draw in readers. This used to be a real common method for getting ranked, however, Google changed it’s algorithm and this isn’t as effective as it once was. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t consider it.

When creating content, one of the best ways to get traffic to your website is to research the keywords you want to write about. You’ll want to see what your competition is and try to write content that won’t have a lot of competition. By using keywords that don’t have a lot of competition, you’ll be more likely to be ranked higher in Google which will lead to more traffic. Keyword research is a very important aspect of writing content.

When you’re creating content online, one of your biggest goals is to gain attention from people. You want to get readers to your website. Not only that, you want them to follow you. You might have heard about gaining some magic “list”. There’s no magic to this. All it refers to is getting people to subscribe to your website so that you have a list of people interested in what you have to say. The magic list is your list of subscribers.

Once you have subscribers to your website, or followers, you might consider setting up some email marketing. Now let me be clear, you do not want to spam anybody. This is not what I’m talking about and it’ll likely annoy people more than it will entice them. But if you do have people that truly are interested in what you have to offer, then you want to keep them engaged. You want to keep them informed.

Email marketing is the way to do this. I would not suggest sending them advertisements via email. This is spam. But you may consider sending out an email on a new idea that you’re launching. This may peak their interest and keep them coming back. You might send an email about a new product that you tried to let them know what’s out there. You could even just email them to let them know you’ve posted a new blog.

Email marketing tools help to automate this process so that you don’t have to manually keep track of your subscribers and spend hours sending mass emails out. You don’t want to do that because you want to spend the majority of your time creating quality content.

Video marketing is the “in” thing right now because videos are getting high rankings in Google. There are a few things to consider here. If you are doing a product review on a program, a video will likely help with those that are more visual people. The folks that need to see what you’re talking about as opposed to just reading it. You’ll want to show them, demonstrate, and give them the opportunity to see for themselves.

There are several free and paid tools out there that will help you out with video marketing. I use a few myself. Take the time to try out each of them and find one that works best for you. And remember, don’t pay for anything that you’re not comfortable paying for. If you’re going to be a paid subscriber, you want to make sure that you like the product before you provide financial information. Try before you buy.

If you’re like most of us, you’re going find that some things work better than others. You’re going to want to be able to track what works the best for you. If you write a post in one style and it brings in hundreds of visitors to your site or multiple conversions, you want to know which post accomplished that for you so you can repeat it. This is where analytics comes in.

There are multiple tools available to help you track the activity on your website and on your various campaigns. Be sure to shop around and determine which one you like best and gives you the most bang for your buck (if you choose a paid tool). But do be sure to find a way to track. This is an important step to being successful.

Pay-per-click advertising is another way to get your links out there and draw people to your website. You’ll want to be careful with this as you will have to pay a certain amount each time someone clicks on your ad. But this can be a highly effective method for gaining followers. And again, you’ll want to carefully track which campaigns work the best and focus on those. Set up a budget for this if you choose to do it and stick to your budget.

Affiliate marketing is really the meat and potatoes of making money online. A basic description is that a company pays you a commission each time you refer someone to them. When done honestly, it can provide a nice passive income and still allow you to sleep at night knowing that you’re not scamming anybody. You simply point consumers to the products they’re looking for. This is what the industry is all about. Please, I can’t stress this enough, please take the high road and be legit about it. Don’t scam people. There’s too much of that going on these days.

There are a ton of affiliate marketing programs out there and for a wide variety of niches. You should certainly shop around and determine which ones you like the best and go with those. I am a member of many. Some are just okay, some I really love. It’s all about what works the best for you.

To have the best chance of success, you’ll find that you need several tools to assist you in keeping up with your website and your following. Shop around, try before you buy, and find what works for your own personal style. You definitely want tools you are comfortable using and you definitely want to automate some of your work whenever you can. I sincerely wish you much success!