NAIL – Allegro Media Group

NAIL Distribution is the premiere distributor of alternative, independent music in the Pacific Northwest. It was founded in 1995 to fulfill a specific need: To effectively place independent music in Northwest stores. We quickly succeeded in our mission and surpassed our expectations in many ways. Our initial family of labels – primarily Northwest artists – has grown to over 100 exclusive labels from all over the world. We are proud to offer some of the finest independent music in the world to our customers, the selection ranging from Northwest Hits to music with a national and even international appeal.


NAIL Distribution exists to make distribution a more familiar and earthly process. Independent music distribution need not be exclusionary or elitist. The music we carry is our everyday lives. The staff of NAIL spends many hours trying to get people inspired and excited by the music we sell. So, the releases we choose to carry are the ones we like and can stand behind. When we take on a label, we do all that is humanly possible to get it to the masses. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction to be had in taking a release that is drenched in the musician’s and the labels blood, sweat and tears and adding in our own to make it a success. Our position in the music food chain is a complicated, yet enriching one.


In spring of 2001, NAIL Distribution merged with the West Coast’s most powerful Jazz/World/Classical distributor, Allegro Music. Allegro brought NAIL into their fold to expand their catalog and genre base as well as to allow NAIL to flourish and grow under with their financial and systematic support. With Allegro’s help we are stepping up to the proverbial distribution plate. NAIL now deals direct with all major chain stores in the US & Canada as well as maintaining a substantial field sales staff to deal with 1000’s of independent retailers. They have also encorporated NAIL’s catalog into their website. You will automatically be brought over to the NAIL page on to order NAIL distributed titles. This is a fantastic match for both companies and we hope to continue ratcheting up into greatness in the years to come! Thank you for your support and patience! Now get rockin’!!!