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Tell me, how long have you been in the MLM industry? Did you start your profession in this industry? Or, were you like most of the other MLMers, who came from Corporate America and couldn’t take it any more that they wanted a change?

Either way, I believe you understand what I am about to say. When you first joined network marketing, did you think you had the right skills that you can use to become successful in this industry?

Like myself, your answer was probably an absolute YES. But, what you soon will find out after being in the industry for about 3-6 months is what you thought you knew would be helpful for building your MLM business was rather useless. If these aren’t the rules by which we should be following, then what should we do?

I once heard a successful MLMer say (you may have heard this too), “It’s funny, in this industry you are faced with whatever you are not good at.” Could you imagine if we knew that before we got started? We probably wouldn’t have decided to embark on this journey of true financial success using MLM as the vehicle. Well, some of us may have, depending on how much we like challenges. But, some probably would have not.

Never less, once you realize this, you will be extremely grateful, because if you can overcome whatever weakness you currently have, that’s when you will become a very good network marketer in this industry and probably a leader too. These are the rules by which we should be playing the MLM game by.

Think back to after you joined, did your mentor or leader originally tell you this? They probably did, but not in so many words, I’m sure. At the least, they probably dropped some hints. They didn’t want to put it on a silver platter for you. No, they wanted you to come to realize it for yourself.

Because when you do come to realize it on your own, only then is when you’re ready to take it to the next level. This will be the first time when you feel you’re definitely ready for the challenge. At this moment, there’s no stopping your burning desire.

If you didn’t have a mentor or leader to guide you through the business, I’m sorry. Because having a leader or mentor to be there along your side is the difference between continuing on to MLM success or quitting.

Really, no need to fear because it’s your time to rise above and become that mentor, that leader for your team. It’s never too late to rise to the challenge. As the saying goes, “Better late than never.”

You see, leaders are the core to your business building experience. They will take you through proper training. They will show you what’s worked for them and what hasn’t. They will guide you through building your business so you can create a duplicable system that anyone of your team members can easily pick-up on.

Take my business for example. I am constantly working on improving myself and my team where we are the most weak at. Why? Because when we can overcome those weaknesses, everything else is a no-brainer. Nothing a little formal training and time can’t cure.

Isn’t it about time that you become a leader to provide your team with the necessary skills and techniques to build your business? Who cares if they are not in your local town. Who cares if you are afraid. Just be confident and start building your business.

Start creating your duplicable system. Teach your team members all about it, and have their team members teach their team members. And, before you know it, your entire downline will be using the system you developed. So, who will benefit from such a system?

Uh, you and everyone!

So remember, what you think will work for you in your MLM business probably will most likely not. Those rules are different then the rules of your network marketing business. The rules as a network marketer are, face what you are not good at and overcome them. Then, learn and implement them into your business. Train your downline no differently then the way you learned. Don’t wait to share this vital rule of MLM, because your success and your team’s success is dependent on it.

Dedicated to your success,

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