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How to Use Social Media to Create Leverage for Your Business

Remember the first tape answering machines you could call your house phone, push a couple of numbers, a.k.a., your secret code and listen to your messages? If you’re not old enough to remember this period of time when the dinosaurs were becoming extinct and Microsoft was in its first stages then all you have to think about is a world without cell phones and you’ll get the idea.

As I look back on this, I think this was the introduction to social media for all of us, but we just didn’t know it. We used the machine for leveraging our lives and our time. We didn’t have to go home to accept a phone call at a specific time and we had a way to keep in touch with our social circles without having the hassle of having to physically be somewhere. We could be anywhere. Voila Leverage!


I’m listening to an audio of Jay Abraham and Anthony Robbins and I can’t help but start this post because it’s truly fascinating what I’m learning and I want to share it with you. Here are some of the questions I’m being asked.

* How many better ways can you leverage your business?
* What are the greatest opportunities you have in your business?
* What other ways are you willing to operate?

How do you answer these questions when your business isn’t even creating a profit?

When you’re struggling just to hang on, go to seminars, make it to conventions and purchase the course you want to take so you can learn and implement, how can you answer these questions with an assessment that makes sense to you or anyone else for that matter?

And the bigger question, how do people know about you enough to know like and trust you to achieve a relationship with you so they are your customer for life?

How do I use the social media avenue to get my name, my brand, my product, my value out to the masses who truly need what I have to offer? Hold, on, I’ll answer that in a moment but first,


Here’s a story about leverage and how we can use it in our businesses every single day.

You know that product IcyHot? Have you ever used it? I have. It’s a great product. Expensive too when compared to the good old BenGay. But, it doesn’t stink and it works a lot better.

In the beginning days before the company sold for tens of millions of dollars to a pharmaceutical company Jay Abraham got involved with this company and here’s what he did. The product cost $0.45 to manufacture and the company sold it for $3.00. But, the product wasn’t selling. Jay said, “We’re going to give the advertisers the product and let them sell it, keep 100% of the profits, in exchange for the contact information of the person who purchases IcyHot.”

So, IcyHot gave away their product to advertisers for free advertising in exchange for the contact information of the buyer. They literally said, “You can sell this product for $3.00 and keep 100% of the profits if you’ll put a full page advertisement in your newspaper in exchange for the customer’s contact information.”

It worked like a charm. The company was able to get $18million of free advertising and boost sales exponentially. LEVERAGE using a social media platform.

Jay Abraham is a genius in this business of marketing and direct sales. He once took a company from $300k in annual sales to over $500,000,000.00 in sales; yes, you read that right 1/2 billion dollars in sales. In 18 months and he says, “It’s harder to make money slow.”

Social media is your avenue to get to know people. They start to trust you and voila! there’s a beautiful synergy that happens and all is well in your social media world.

But, people aren’t buying from you? People aren’t flocking to your product? People aren’t knocking down your doors to get your product? What are you NOT doing that the others are?

They’ve leveraged themselves to achieve massive success in their field by using the tracks left behind that are indelible and etched into the pavement of network marketing. They’ve used the system and the system works. They’ve tweaked the system for their product and the system works. They’ve created a funded proposal using the system and the system works! Holy cow.

Ok, you’ve heard this before, but are you really applying it? Are you really implementing it? I know I haven’t been implementing a lot of what I learn because I haven’t learned how to manage myself in time, but it’s a process and I know I’m getting better at it because my product is starting to take formation and I’m actually getting it to market in the month of March. So how will I promote it? How will I let people know about what I have to offer and why they need my funded proposal?

Are you interested in knowing how I did it? I’ll be updating you here on the blog so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the links in this post and think about your investment in yourself and your business. What is it you want to achieve and how fast do you want to see your results?


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