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How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

If that isn’t a headline I don’t know what is. I’ve been an affiliate marketer going on about 5 years now, and have seen the industry change in sooo many different ways. Gone are the days of just throwing up a direct linked affiliate offer on Google or Yahoo or MSN. Though you might argue that Yahoo and MSN/Bing will look the other way in the recession times that we are in right now. So if all you have been reading is about pre-2003 affiliate marketing tactics like, direct linking off of Google Adwords or using redirects off of the search engines, then I can definitely say that you’ve been going to the wrong places for information. Maybe you bought an e-book about affiliate marketing (guilty), maybe you’ve bought a service such as keywordspy (guilty), or read every affiliate marketing blog on the internet (guilty 10x over). I’m not saying that you’ve made any mistakes I’m just saying that they are pretty much feeding you 5 year old useless information.

So how is this site different?

I will only write about affiliate marketing tactics that have worked for me in the past year. If a service/ad network, offer, has completely bombed out for me, I will promise to warn you about the dangers of investing your money at these places.

Lastly I’m an extremely impatient affiliate marketer so you there won’t be any “start a wordpress blog and produce good content” articles. Every single affiliate marketing blog on the planet gives the “write good content advice”, and I hate reading about it, much less writing about it. So if you want to start a niche website and earn $100/day be my guest, but for most people that doesn’t even pay the bills.

This post was supposed to be about how to succeed in affiliate marketing so I’ll go ahead and give my top three pieces of advice for making this your full time gig:

1. Fearlessness – If you are the paralysis by analysis type then get out of this business. Get into stocks, get into finance, you will fail about becoming an affiliate marketer.

2. Hard Work – This is number 2 because all the hard work in the world isn’t going to help you if you have the fear of every starting somewhere. Get some good headphones, get some good music, and get ready to start working because this business isn’t for the meek. You hear about all of the affiliate marketers that are by the pool not working, traveling with their laptops, etc, etc etc. The truth is to be a fulltime affiliate marketer you have to live and breath this stuff. If you aren’t testing and trying new stuff, you’re just slowly working your way back to that 9-5pm. Though, I say all this I’m totally guilty of traveling, taking months off not working except to log some stats, playing basketball during the days, and taking my dog out for hours.

3. Be Willing to Get Your Hands Dirty – The reason that I see most affiliate marketers fail is because they don’t want to get their hands dirty. “I don’t want to learn any HTML”, “I don’t want to write any content”, or my favorite “I don’t want to do the marketing”. Tell me, in what profession do you outsource critical skills? If you were an accountant, I’m sorry you need to know how to use Quickbooks. If you barber, might help to know how to use scissors. You get my point, affiliate marketing is not for the lazy. Go buy lottery tickets if you don’t want to work for your money. With that said, learn to put a web page together (not even a website), learn to install basic tracking codes, and finally learn a little about the affiliate links that you are using.

Ok, If I haven’t officially turned you off to Affiliate Marketing by now, then here is the good news. I absolutely would NEVER go back to an 9-5pm over being a fulltime affiliate marketer. NEVER, EVER.

In what job do you:

Make Your Own Hours

Take Vacation When You Want

Have Total Control of How Much Money You Will Make (pending some luck, and hard work)

Work from ANYWHERE (I’m serious, I’ve worked from some pretty remote spots)

Never Get Bored

Let me help you with that question, NONE. So If you are still game to try your hand at becoming a a fulltime affiliate marketer, then I’m game to try and help you to the best of my ability. I’ll be reviewing, giving advice, how-tos, and even tossing up some really simple code that you can copy and paste into your landing pages/websites.

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