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How To Remove Ctfmon.exe From Your PC

You don’t have to suffer from Ctfmon.exe on your PC anymore. This article will show you how to get rid of the pesky process on your own without the help of a third-party software. In addition, this tutorial will also teach you how to prevent it from returning in the future.

What is Ctfmon.exe?

Ctfmon.exe is the process that starts with your computer when you turn on or restart it. It’s also referred to as “Startup Monitor.”

Ctfmon.exe is a system service that lets Windows find and start any other programs that need to be started during a boot up. Ctfmon.exe can also monitor software installations, system events, and security settings changes, among other things.

The main purpose of Ctfmon.exe is to help Windows find and start applications at startup so they don’t have to load each program individually.

How To Remove Ctfmon.exe From Your PC

Ctfmon.exe is a process that runs in the background of your computer and is created by Cisco Systems. It is responsible for giving you access to the web-based management interface for your internet services, such as email or web browsing.

If you want to remove it from your PC, you can do so by following these instructions:

1) Press Windows Key + C and enter “cmd” into the search bar.

2) Right click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run as Administrator”.

3) Type in this line and hit enter: tasklist /m “c:\windows\system32\*ctfmon.exe” /q > nul >> nul

4) Next, type in this line and hit enter: taskkill /im ctfmon.exe >> nul

5) Finally, type in this line and hit enter: del ctfmon.exe /f >> nul

Stop Ctfmon.exe in the BIOS

First, open your computer’s BIOS and disable the check for Ctfmon.exe process. This will prevent it from running in the future.

Get rid of Ctfmon.exe from your Task Manager

You can get rid of Ctfmon.exe from your Task Manager by first clicking on the Start button, then typing in task manager in the search bar and pressing enter.

Once you’re in the Task Manager, go to the Processes tab and search for Ctfmon.exe. You can click on it to select it and press End Process or right-click it and select End Process from the menu that appears.

It might take a few minutes before Ctfmon is completely gone. It will eventually be uninstalled as this process cannot be restarted once it is closed.

Get rid of Ctfmon.exe with a virus scanner

First, open your virus scanner and check for any suspicious processes. If you find that Ctfmon.exe is suspicious and has been flagged by the virus scanner, remove it immediately.

If you don’t have a virus scanner, download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This software ensures that your PC is protected from malware and other threats that may be present on your PC.

After you download and install Malwarebytes, launch it to scan your computer for any signs of malware or malicious files. Ctfmon should be located in the list of detected items within this software. Click on “Details” next to Ctfmon in order to get more information about the process so you can remove it more easily later on.

If Malwarebytes detects anything else on your computer, apply its removal guide too since they are usually related to each other.


Though the Ctfmon.exe file is technically a legitimate program, it can cause a lot of problems and should be removed from your PC. To remove Ctfmon.exe, you can use the methods listed above.

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