Digital Distribution – Our Advantage


Allegro/NAIL’s broad partnership with IODA means that we hold significant clout in the digital spectrum. Since the partnership’s inception, Allegro has added over 140 labels to its digital distribution platform, providing IODA with over 6,000 albums and over 100,000 tracks available for download, earning our place as IODA’s top Independent distributor partner. To date, our participating labels have shared digital download revenues in excess of $2,000,000 with an estimate for 2010 at even higher numbers. In fact, the average percentage of overall sales for our labels when it comes to digital is 15%! Moreover, along with holding meaningful revenue potential, we believe digital distribution more importantly holds promotion potential that will help drive the sale of physical’s.


Allegro/NAIL shares a unique, close relationship with IODA, enhancing our dedication to delivering quick, effective, and personal solutions to our label’s digital needs. To ensure this service is thoroughly provided, we created the in-house position of Digital Distribution Coordinator at our home office.

“…Allegro/IODA is the best that there is right now and their sales back it up. The Nimbus and Lyrita downloads are averaging 15.8% of our global distributed revenues, which is great.”

— Antony Smith Business Director, Wyastone Estate Limited.

“I really appreciate the attention and assistance that Allegro has given to me and my company, Spirit Music, regarding our interfacing with the digital world. They are extremely helpful… especially for those like myself who are a bit cyber-challenged. Thanks!”

— Jonathan Goldman, President, Spirit Music Inc.

“I have to thank you all for being so great and on top of this stuff. It’s been a pleasure so far.”

— John Pelosi, Manager, Music For Aardvarks

“You have been incredibly accommodating and helpful…”

—Ben Schulman, Manager, Contraphonic Records