Digital Distribution – Marketing


Allegro/NAIL has relationships with editors at leading digital retail sites, meaning that our clients have the benefit of contact with Influential executives working on the digital platform. Because of these relationships, we are able to offer our labels product features, podcast and blog coverage, sales and promotional opportunities and much more. Our digital team work In tandem with Allegro/NAIL product physical product managers to

In addition to our In-house marketing efforts, Allegro/NAIL partners with IODA’s marketing team to strategize on key digital sales and marketing Initiatives.


Part of Allegro’s dynamic relationship with IODA involves working directly with IODA’s marketing team. In addition, the Allegro digital platform provides for an easier ability to coordinate your digital marketing efforts with your marketing efforts in the physical world. Through our platform, you will have exclusive access to the latest and most effective digital marketing strategies. IODA has developed a one-of-a-kind promotional tool called the Promonet©. This subscription-based website allows digital services, reviewers, bloggers, and podcasters access to albums you publish.

Because of our partnerships with more than 300 retail, promotional and mobile partners, Allegro Digital excels in marketing for every conceivable genre. We don’t just host metadata. Our digital team works in tandem with Allegro’s physical product managers and sales reps to create custom marketing capaigns to increase label and artist awareness. We keep in constant contact with the marketing, new business and tech teams of our partner, IODA.

Digital label samplers, holiday programs, and social networking campaigns are but a few of the campaigns we employ to increase our labels’ digital revenue. Every potential customer for your music or video is online for some reason or another. We identify the channels in which to reach and engage these potential customers, and we measure the results of our campaigns by studying back end analytics. We’re constantly learning new ways in which to promote and sell our labels’ content on the digital platform. Consistency, excellence in customer service and attracting new and repeat customers for your content is what we’re all about.


In addition to the revolutionary web-marketing tool, Promonet©, IODA has taken further steps to put promotion and marketing power in the labels hands at a low cost. Promonet© Pro allows direct access to area specific subscribers on the Promonet©. This feature offers the label a chance to communicate messages about new releases, tour information, etc. In addition, labels will have the ability to track promo-track download activity. This enables you to concentrate your promotional efforts to specific audiences, increasing your chances for revenue. We offer our labels the use of Promonet© Pro free of charge.


Allegro/NAIL’s unique partnership with IODA links the physical world with the digital world, integrating the sales and marketing channels of both to get the most out of your releases!


Allegro/NAIL is also exploring an important segment of digital: ringtones and mobile downloads. With the expertise of IODA’s Mobile marketing group, Allegro/NAIL may be able to target top selling tracks from your artists for mobile partners, offering another avenue for digital revenue and promotion.


We would like to see all of our labels partake in this thriving market. We urge you to consider our convenient and effective platform and the benefits that Allegro/NAIL and IODA can offer. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!