Digital Distribution – How It Works


Our digital platform not only gets your music to more than one service, it makes managing your digital business simple. With the Allegro/IODA platform, your music becomes available to some of the most popular licensed services and online retailers, including iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster,, and many more. We work with more than 300 retail, promotional and mobile partners. Allegro/IODA continually work to find the best services and negotiate licenses for our labels. Labels are notified of these services on the Rightsholder Dashboard.



Because digital distribution is new and uncharted territory for many labels, Allegro negotiated a 180-day cancellation notice of the digital distribution service. Most labels must enter a 3 to 5-year contract with digital distribution companies when they sign up directly. This grace period allows our labels to terminate their agreement with no hassles.


Allegro/NAIL ships all appropriate titles to IODA, saving labels the work and money of gathering its selected catalogs and sending them off. All it costs the label is the price of a promo. Allegro also administers the coordination of new releases to IODA, ensuring digital dates match up with physical street dates.


Several labels have already released titles exclusive to digital retailers. Allegro/NAIL updated its database to properly handle these as well as releases not physically distributed. This ensures a label can publish its entire catalog without any hurdles and allows you to continue to earn sales and profits ñ even from titles no longer physically available!


To better protect copyright control and sales tracking, a new numbering system was designed. An ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is assigned to each track and is required by iTunes before a label or artist can sell music online. Through Allegro, labels are given the option of conveniently assigning numbers with Allegro’s code.