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Label Submissions

Allegro is always interested in expanding the breadth and depth of music we offer. We work with labels that include no fewer than 12 artists and/or 25 titles. If you are an individual artist or a label that does not meet the above criteria, please go to our label links page to contact some of our currently distributed labels that may be a suitable fit for your titles/music. You might also try contacting one of the many regional distributors around the country. If you are an established label that does meet the above criteria, please send a comprehensive catalog, sample CDs and a letter requesting distribution to:

Allegro Corporation

Attn:Label Submissions

20048 NE San Rafael

Portland • OR 97230

Please be sure to include your contact information: phone, fax and email. Submissions that do not include contact information will not be considered.

What’s Happening?

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