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Are you a Marketer or a Consumer?

Time to admit a thing or two. Sometimes I go crazy and I hang around Warrior Forum day and night. I read all the “shiny object syndrome” sales pitches that cost next to nothing, sometimes I even buy them. Its a part of my constant search for different edges and different points of view. And from time to time I do stumble upon a true gem (more on that later).

I also read all the comments. Boy-oh-boy do I see people being really really lost in the mad world of internet marketing.

One would believe Warrior forum is the place for Internet Marketers, but seeing what’s going on there, the constant question I am asking myself is: for the Love of God

Nothing actually wrong with buying things. We all buy stuff. Be a Consumer, buyer, marketer, sales person, mogul and guru and all that shit… it doesn’t really bother me much. There is one thing that everybody needs to decide for themselves, though:

You are there to either MAKE money, or to SPEND money. There is no middle ground!

Before you kick my ass and say “Ok, what the hell are you buying then your WSO’s for?” the thing is, I am only buying stuff that I don’t need (seriously), and only to see the views, the funnels or the pitch of a marketer. I couldn’t care less for a $7 thing that promises eternal money income stream and 6 figures in 2 months. It’s BULLSHIT. Trust me.  There are rare exceptions, but many of them are almost completely useless. Everybody knows that, the problem is, nobody wants to believe it.

Still, what the $7 offers are giving me – which is important and priceless – is INSIGHT of what could work. What are the thinking patterns of sellers and what are the things other people buying. The needs. The demand of the (potential) customers.

So when I buy my thing for $7 or $17, actually regardless of price, what I am thinking is: how could I implement this or something similar into my business model? How can this help me make more money? How can I take one good part and apply it to my pages. To my existing web properties, sales funnels. What good can I grab out of this?! Sometimes (often), its nothing. Sometimes, though, there are some really good ideas hidden – and I bet my hat on it, completely missed – inside these reports. Those I call “The $100 sentences”.

There is no need to avoid WSO like plague, but it doesn’t hurt if one is really really careful. And doesn’t hurt to have really decided if you want to be a Marketer (Seller)? Or you want to be the Consumer (Buyer)?

So, if you are a marketer, and you hangout on Warrior or any other IM forum for that matter, your thinking is different. Your perception of the world is different. Your goals, your dreams are different. And you being there is not to search for the next 11 page report that will make you $185,17 daily with no prior knowledge at all. With “newbie friendly” letters stamped all over it. You know it’s not for us.

You are there and thinking:

Often I find that a lot of the standard things are missing. A good OTO. A sales funnel. A follow up. The premium thing. Oh well, not all marketers are made equal.

The lost, the bad Consumers (because there are good ones too but this is not about them)… well they are those who are on the same forum, and they constantly bitch and moan. About anything. If the offer is cheap, then its too cheap. If its expensive, then its out of their league. If its good, they don’t see how it works. If its bad, its useless shit. If it has OTO its annoying. If it doesn’t have OTO then why is it so short. If a 15 page report cannot make me $98,344.11 in 3 days then it is WORTHLESS. The comments, I imagine might as well be like these:

Well, wake up call: NO WORK, NO MONEY! Simple as that.

Bonus question or as they say, here’s the million dollar question:

(*) Note: By working your ass off I don’t mean 18 hours a day for 40 years. Working SMARTER is better than working HARDER. If you outsource your complete business to a good team, it is still work. But you actually don’t have to be involved so much… Also, I deliberately marked one GOOD and one BAD! There are of course, BAD people on the Marketer side (and they should be banned for life from selling anything). And there are GOOD CONSUMERS too. You know, the ones that are really there to LEARN. To IMPLEMENT. To WORK ON IT.

If you are in the group on the left, then good. There is nothing to stop you, well done. Keep it up. Scale it up. Go out and sell more (later on that too).

If you are in the right column, well, sorry but you just HAVE TO STOP. Stop chasing the money and start to MAKE money. Stop thinking that you need a shiny object and think about all the knowledge you already have. You can START something with that too! Stop whining and LEARN. Stop buying and SELL. Stop procrastinating start CREATING. If you don’t have a startup capital, start small. If you are broke, GET A JOB. Save. But start. Because, here is the good part:

There is really no secret to it, and to be honest, these 5 points is all you need:

All checked? AWESOME. You are on the right track. If it works, REPEAT. If not, fix it, and start all over. Start Today. Right now!

You will make it. Sooner or later.

Stick around this blog, and you will make it sooner.

Thats it. It is THAT SIMPLE. And don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

Stay well!

Loved the writing? Hated it? You think I’m a genius or I am full of shit? Let me know in the comments below.

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