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Anime Works

New York City-based Anime Works is a leader in licensing and localizing Japanese animation for US markets. Anime Works appeared on the scene in 1997 and quickly made a name for itself with the anime legend KITE. Commanding a series of chart-topping releases—including MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH, Cartoon Network’s RUROUNI KENSHIN, the perennial blockbuster BERSERK, BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL, and Adult Swim’s MORIBITO: GUARDIAN OF THE SPIRIT—Anime Works has become a major player in the rise of anime in the United States. Anime Works has produced two original anime series with the visionary Yasuomi Umetsu, KITE LIBERATOR and MEZZO FORTE, and continues to innovate, bringing cutting edge anime to the United States through DVD, Blu-ray, television, digital distribution, and whatever else the future may hold. Anime Works comes to Allegro Video via Media Blasters.

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Asian Crush

Media Blasters is proud to announce Asian Crush, an exciting new DVD label featuring an exclusive blast of wild and eclectic Asian feature films. Asian Crush is currently the leading VOD label for Asian and Asian-American feature films, featuring the leading blockbuster, art-house, action, horror, and documentary films from all over Asia as well as US-based independent films from talented Asian-American filmmakers. Media Blasters’ new Asian Crush label will release high-profile DVD titles such as the TIME TRAVELLER: THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME (based on the bestselling anime and books), END CALL, FIVE SENSE OF EROS, CRYING FIST, LUST IN HELL, and many, many more! Asian Crush films are available throughout North American living rooms via cable, satellite, and telco systems, as well as the leading broadband destinations. Asian Crush comes to Allegro Video via Media Blasters. .

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Chemical Burn

Chemical Burn Entertainment brings you the best Horror, Gore, Sexploitation, and Genre films from around the globe. From Zombies and Vampires to Serial Killers and Psychos, Cannibals and Shape Shifters, to extremely real documentaries about unspeakable subjects, Chemical Burn produces films that cross boundaries and destroy preconceived notions with its remarkable diversity of shocking and provocative films from the US, Asia and Europe.

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Digital Environments

Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature’s most beautiful places on your home theater, flat screen, or desktop through the magic of full high-definition, natural 5.1 Surround Sound, and original music by award-winning composers. Experience stunningly realistic scenery as if you are actually there!.

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Start on the road to good health with these safe and easy workouts for people who don’t want to go to the gym! Funcercise offers simple workout DVDs designed to be used in your own home, specially designed for seniors and those in rehab. Anyone can do these easy-to-follow exercises!

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Global African TV

Founded in 2008, Global African TV provides and distributes African media content in North America. Global African TV is committed to creating platforms projecting Africa’s rich and diverse heritage through original movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more.

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Hollywood Music Center

Hollywood Music Center specializes in world music and bellydance DVD releases. Since its inception in 1982, HMC has produced recordings from a diverse selection of countries, placing an emphasis on Middle Eastern recordings and video productions. Over the years, the catalog has grown to become the largest selection of bellydance and traditional Middle Eastern releases owned by a single label!

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J Films

Paul Jay is an award winning documentary filmmaker, producer, and journalist. He is Founding Chair of Hot Docs!, the Canadian International Documentary Film Festival, and was the creator and Executive Producer of CBC Newsworld’s flagship debate program, CounterSpin. In 2005, Paul founded The Real News Network, a viewer-supported independent news network, where he currently serves as CEO and Senior Editor.

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La Huit

Although La Huit’s primary focus is on innovative recordings of live concert performances, the label is also beloved for its stunning “Inventing Cuisine” series, dedicated to today’s greatest chefs. Made in France and subtitled in English, each DVD features an intimate portrait of the featured chef as well as cooking tips, kitchen secrets, and more—perfect for foodies and chefs alike!

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Magic Play

Magic Play is devoted to educational and environmental projects, financing, producing, and co-producing international non-fiction programs. The Magic Play product lineup includes films for prestigious institutions (museums, science & research centers), for commercial theatres, for special venues (theme & amusement parks), and for exploitation in other media including television broadcast. Magic Play comes to Allegro Video via Razor Digital Entertainment.

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Masked Republic

Masked Republic is the first integrated live event, merchandising, and media organization in the United States specializing in the emerging growth market of Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling). The company consists of numerous divisions including talent representation, touring, merchandising, costume design and manufacturing, publishing, and multiple media platforms including television, home entertainment, pay-per-view, and digital.

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Media Blasters

Founded in 1997, New York City-based Media Blasters was created to give subculture media the treatment and distribution usually only afforded to pop-culture offerings. Some of Media Blasters’ best-known labels include Anime Works, specializing in Japanese animation; Tokyo Shock, specializing in Asian film; and Shriek Show, specializing in horror. Engaged in licensing, production, localization, and distribution, MB exploded from home video and DVD into markets like TV, Blu-ray, rental, digital streaming, and direct download. Media Blasters has even opened the door to original productions, helming nine feature films and creating a new generation of subculture favorites.

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New Conquest Pictures

New Conquest Pictures is a leading licensor and producer of urban and genre-based content. The studio produces and markets high-quality content with a special expertise in new media marketing strategies effectively combined with old media. New Conquest executives were instrumental in the release of many hot titles including Da Block Party, Jeremy’s Family Reunion, Black Saturday, Father Of Lies, God Send Me a Man, and more.

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Nu Lite Entertainment

Nu Lite Entertainment is a forerunner in the urban entertainment industry, producing quality films including comedy, drama, inspirational, and western. In existence since 2000, under the banner of Warning Films, Nu Lite Entertainment is positioned to be one of the top independent production companies in the industry, producing a slate feature films with some of the most talented up & coming urban directors.

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Pop Flix

Founded in 2006, POP FLIX is the best value in the marketplace for classic movies, TV, and cartoons. For a great night at the movies, just add popcorn!

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Razor Digital Entertainment

Razor Digital Entertainment is a full-service DVD and digital distribution company, licensing and distributing a wide range of titles for both the traditional and specialty markets. Through its sub-label Razor Fitness, the company also markets its fitness, health, and wellness library. Titles released through Razor Fitness have been praised by such prestigious publications as Health, Shape, Fit Pregnancy, and Fitness magazines.

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Reality Entertainment

Reality Entertainment is a world renowned producer of cutting edge films by world class authors, researchers and experts from across the globe. From Ancient Mysteries, UFO´s and Aliens, Secret Societies and Conspiracies, The Paranormal and Occult, Quantum Theory, Prophecy, Spirituality, Religion, Esoteric Teachings, History and much more, Reality Films ventures into mysterious and unknown realms with its unique brand of life altering documentaries and feature films. Visit exotic places, mysterious realms and discover the secrets of all ages by entering a domain where Strange Is Normal.

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Shriek Show

Founded in 2001, Shriek Show has evolved into a home-media horror powerhouse. Featuring stars like Sasha Grey and Asia Argento along with the genre’s master directors including Herschell Gordon Lewis, John Russo, Lucio Fulci, Joe D’Amato, and Frank Henenlotter, Shriek Show’s catalog delivers both classic and modern horror by the coffin-full. Shriek Show also produces original features, scaring the genre up a notch with shockers like FLESH FOR THE BEAST, WICKED LAKE, and Tony Todd’s SHADOW: DEAD RIOT. Shriek Show has recently launched its Fresh Meat line—packed with world premieres of exciting features from up and coming horror directors—to ensure that the screams keep on coming. Shriek Show comes to Allegro Video via Media Blasters.

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TAB Fitness

From the trainer of the world famous Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! With over 20 years of research and development under his belt, Retired US Army Drill Instructor Jay Johnson’s Boot Camp Fitness System can guarantee the permanent results you are looking for, IF you stick to the program. If it’s good enough to work for the most famous cheerleaders in the world, IT WILL WORK FOR YOU!

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Take 2 Releasing

Take 2 Releasing’s slate of hot titles includes such well-known names as Teri Polo (Meet the Parents), Taryn Manning (Hustle & Flow), David Carradine (Kill Bill), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight)—plus the world’s most “love to hate” film director, Uwe Boll!

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Tokyo Shock

Established in 1998, Tokyo Shock is the number one publisher, licensor, and producer of Asian cinema in the United States. Tokyo Shock’s catalog defines the Asian media experience with action hits like VERSUS and RIKI-OH, Takeshi Miike shockers like ICHI THE KILLER and VISITOR Q, horror classics like ONE MISSED CALL and ART OF THE DEVIL, and featuring a full line of Shaw Brothers’ Martial Arts films. With offices in Japan, Tokyo Shock also produces original features, and is credited with revitalizing cult Japanese action films with instant classics such as DEATHTRANCE, MACHINE GIRL, and TOKYO GORE POLICE. Tokyo Shock is headquartered in the heart of New York City, and remains dedicated to bringing the best of far Eastern media to US shores. Asian Crush comes to Allegro via Media Blasters.

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Xenon Pictures

Xenon Pictures came into existence amid the birth of the domestic video business and the near eradication of “pure play” theatrical film distribution. Founded in 1986 with $17,000 in startup capital, Xenon entered a marketplace dominated by a number of now-defunct companies with names like Karl-Lorimar, Vestron, Live Entertainment, and Carolco. Over the years, the company has stitched together its business methodologies and philosophies by understanding what these and other companies did right, what they did wrong, and what an independent studio must do to remain vital and maintain a sense of competitive advantage while competing in a marketplace dominated by major conglomerates with significantly greater resources, capacity, and proprietary broadcast and retail infrastructure.

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