Allegro Media Group – Racking Services

Allegro Media Group has harnessed the talents and experience of all our division leaders and service specialists to provide the best and most powerful marketing solutions to your physical and digital publicity needs. Our labels enjoy both sales and promotions all under one roof. Our innovative services are intelligent, transparent, and designed to bridge the gap between sales and hype.

Enlisting publicity services is a smart move for independent labels. Enlisting publicity services through your distributor is an even smarter move, and one that can have a direct, positive impact on the sales of your product. We admit it – there are a handful of good, decently priced marketing companies that would love to promote your new releases. But unlike Allegro Media Group’s marketing services, other promotion companies have no way of sharing the results of their work with the sales people and buyers who are most vital to getting your product into stores and, ultimately, into the hands and hearts of fans. Our publicity service is more than just a pitching machine. It’s the irrefutable proof for salespeople and buyers that your music is making its mark on the world.