Allegro Media Group – Production Services

From short runs to container shipping, Allegro Production Services can tackle any order. Our in-house services provide quick turn-a-rounds at a cost savings to you.

APS is offering services including disc replication runs of 500 or more, and offset press printing runs of 1000 or more. The manufacturing industry, both in print and disc replication, are currently on a consolidating trend. Many of the large printers and disc makers are limiting the size and number of clients they are servicing, thus making it more difficult for small and medium-sized labels to maintain a direct vendor relationship with the latest technology and highest quality of equipment.

APS is also offering short run disc duplication services in runs of 30 to 240 units, and short run digital printing runs from 50 to 500 units. In today’s financial climate both freight costs, and the value of liquid capital are steadily rising. By eliminating the shipping of your finished goods to Allegro for distribution you can see immediate gains in freight costs. By manufacturing only what is necessary for upcoming sales, you can also lower manufacturing costs and eliminate the need to store long-term supplies of each title in your catalog.

• You may choose from the menu of most commonly made products or we can     quote any package type you desire.

•  Minimum order quantity of first run is 1,000 units. Re-orders, however, can be     a minimum of 500 units.

• You provide the master, art files, fill out several forms and we are off to    production on your next project.