Allegro Media Group – Internship

Allegro Media Group’s internship program gives college students pursuing a degree the opportunity to gain real world experience in the music industry. We customize each internship to fit the student, school, and Allegro Media Group. Summer, Fall, and Spring opportunities are usually available on a first come, first serve basis. Candidates must complete the application and interview process to be accepted. Interns are required to notify and work with their school to complete the internship program and determine credit value.

Please contact the internship coordinator for further details, or to request an application:

Put your love and knowledge of music to work and support our Classical music division in the process. Duties:

• Upload Amazon images for entire new release catalog

• Research and maintain review file from classical music publications

• Maintain and organize master room and promo area

• Help with artist and media orders/media campaigns

• Create, maintain and organize new reference library

• Work under strict deadlines, multi-task & be ready for other duties as assigned

• Have an extensive knowledge of and love for, music

Learn the step-by-step processes behind the new world of online music distribution. Duties:

• Coordinate new release product delivery to digital aggregator (IODA)

• Follow up with labels to clear releases from Pending

• Create royalty reports for clients

• Update territory sales rights as needed

• Determine ISRCs for proprietary products

• Maintain social networking websites

Go behind the music and explore the various departments of our company. This program is designed for students who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of music distribution by helping out in each of the following areas:

Licensing Services

Learn the importance, value, and ins & outs of music licensing. Duties:

• Collaborate with licensing coordinator and digital coordinator to update sales    territories for proprietary labels on digital platform

• Reconcile licensing and territory rights with digital coordinator

Office and Administrative Support

Work first-hand on the organizational and administrative duties essential to make any business thrive. Duties:

• Filing

• Shipping

• Sales support:

Catalog archiving

Assemble materials for sales presentations

Marketing Services

Start the buzz on the next big thing and find out how much goes into acquiring and promoting labels. Duties:

• Media mailings

• Creating new label packets

• Fulfilling sales rep boxes

• Updating artist tour dates

• Proofing and editing of new release submission forms and new release books

• Data entry support

Video Department

Get a sneak peak behind the scenes and explore the world of video production. Duties:

• Quality control of video content

• Archiving

Tech Support

Take an educational trek through the technical systems of a large company. Duties:

• Update Allegro websites

• CD-DB corrections

• Update Amazon accounts