Allegro Distribution – About Allegro Distribution

Allegro is one of the premier independent distributors in North America. Founded over 30 years ago, Allegro began as a classical music import service. Over 20 years ago, brothers Joe, Vince and Rico Micallef purchased Allegro from its original owner, implemented new systems, expanded the genre offerings, and quickly moved Allegro to the forefront of state-of-the-art entertainment distribution.

Allegro Media Group has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most efficient and effective independents in North America. Over the years, Allegro Media Group has acquired complementary companies that have grown our distribution channels. From smaller distributors, listening station companies, and specialty distribution companies like Music Design, NewSound (gift market), and NAIL (alt rock), these acquisitions have given Allegro an unparalleled breadth of distribution. Through our Softland branch, we are even able to place titles into the military network of PX stores worldwide. From traditional core retail accounts to gift accounts and special market outlets, Allegro leaves no stone unturned in seeking new markets and providing quality products for our thousands of direct and retail customers.

A truly hands-on approach defines the methodology of Allegro’s product management, and sets us apart from other independent distribution entities. The Sales & Marketing team has the primary mission of focusing on label needs, and advising and implementing our labels’ sales and marketing strategies. Our Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing is based in New York City, and our Special Market Sales Director is based in Philadelphia. Allegro is a top indie player at major core accounts such as Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, and Hastings, and at one-stops like AEC, Baker & Taylor, Edge, and Super D. The independent retail market and culture is our core and our primary focus, but we are always looking for new opportunities for our label partners. Six dedicated employees support our labels with various marketing and product needs. Unlike our competition, each label authorizes all retail marketing opportunities before they are implemented. No marketing or sales incentive program is ever implemented without label approval. Allegro is also fully integrated with SoundScan for reports and reporting.

Other companies are active in many of the same retail sectors, and some even provide a portion of our valued services. However, Allegro is the only company that covers a broad range of accounts (traditional music retail, mass market, and specialty retailers) and services (product management, retail and promotion, digital distribution) under one umbrella.