Allegro Classical Distribution – Recent Releases

After Ravel’s Bolero on “period instruments” of 1920, Anima Eterna plays the Symphonie fantastique on instruments of 1830! A truly fantastic project.


A selection of compositions ranging over almost two centuries, with eleven compositions and many musical forms. Prégardien & Gees present 22 faces of death in the exact order of their recitals over the last two years.


Avie’s fruitful association with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra yields its tenth release, and the third with Vasily Petrenko, the youngest Music Director in the RLPO’s illustrious history. Petrenko was the Classic FM/Gramophone Young Artist of the Year award in 2007, and in 2009 he and the RLPO garnered the Gramophone Award for Best Orchestral Recording. Since arriving in Liverpool in 2006, Petrenko has had a galvanizing effect on the RLPO, attracting unanimous critical acclaim.


This ensemble has existed for more than 25 years, and still new repertoire & arrangements for three basset horns are available, making for ever-exciting listening!


One could make an interesting comparison between Lachenmann’s Accanto and Lazkano’s Ortzi Isilak as being symbolic of two eras that enjoyed two very different relationships with sound. Lazkano does not take up the strict categorization of Lachenmann’s “musique concrète instrumentale”—instead, the breathing sounds, crackling and creaking are used simply to keep the music from slipping into sounding too “beautiful.”


A powerhouse of sound! This magnificent live CD celebrating Macy’s 150th anniversary combines sultry strings, elegant winds, and powerful brass with the world’s mightiest organ. Peter Conte at the Wanamaker Organ (the world’s largest musical instrument) adds a second symphony of sound.


Ar Ré-Sé (meaning “those women there” in Breton), is an independent organization with which Lydia Jardon unearths forgotten scores by great masters who are part of the universal heritage—Koechlin, Medtner, Lekeu, Magnard—making it a point of honor to entrust them to excellent women performers who are often just setting out on their careers.


Following their recent success in this year’s Classic FM Gramophone Awards, the Hallé present their debut recording with Cristian Mandeal, appointed the first-ever Principal Guest Conductor in the Halle’s 150-year history! Mandeal’s work is characterized with great theatricality, deep musicality, and sizzling technical skill—all of which he brings this to bear dramatically in this dark and moving work.


Bach’s Cello Suites, for most cellists, represent a lifetime’s work and thought. Over the years, certain images have come to mind, so Angela East decided to reflect these in the booklet. East’s visual concept is based on texture and dimension as well as the keys, and she relates these keys to certain colors—for example, the yellow of E flat major in the desert picture and the black of C minor in the background of the spider’s web. It is her hope that these images will enhance the listener’s enjoyment of the music and give insight into her interpretation of these suites.


Choral songs for convivial outings in the countryside—Fanny Hensel and Felix Mendelssohn, one of the most famous pairs of siblings of the Romantic era, composed numerous catchy songs bursting with a feel for the natural world. With the help of many letters written by brother and sister, the accompanying booklet traces the oh-so-short lifelines of these two gifted composers.