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Classical recordings arouse specific feelings in most people, because of the desires and promises of eternity they enfold. For æon (from the Greek for “eternity”), what matters is the integrity and genuine purpose of each artist involved. æon hopes to take a new look at repertoire, giving pride of place to the performers with whom the label aims to develop a genuine strategy regarding the composers. As a result, the working methods of the æon team reflect the search for consistency and clarity, and each contributor brings his or her distinctive mark and skills which, combined with the work of the artists and composers, undeniably forge the identity of the æon label. Arcana comes to Allegro Classical via OutHere.

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Air Note is the brand new label based around French pianist Racha Arodaky. Having studied for six years with Murray Periah, she now stands on her own two feet, presenting an amazing debut of Handel works. Air Note comes to Allegro Classical via Codæx.

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Records that are as beautiful to look at as to listen to: that’s how the press greeted the creation of Alpha in 1999. Alpha loves to shape each production into a unique object, reflecting the century-old links between various forms of artistic expression. Arcana comes to Allegro Classical via OutHere.

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Améson is a French label, with first class French artists. From a Lied recital with French prizewinner Amel Brahim-Djelloul to the Monte Carlo Symphony Orchestra with orchestra works by the highly promising composer Marc-André Dalbavie, Améson is a highly versatile label. Améson comes to Allegro Classical via Codæx.

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The label of violinist Lara St. John!

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Founded by pianist Lydia Jardon, Ar Ré-Sé is an all-female record label. The label enables female artists to record original, perhaps even previously unpublished, repertoire that reflects the dynamics of Ar Ré-Sé and the very reason it exists. Ar Ré-Sé comes to Allegro Classical via Codæx.

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Arcana comes to Allegro Classical via OutHere.

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Arte Nova, an imprint of BMG Classics, has long been unavailable to the American and Canadian markets. The highly respected label boasts a hefty catalog of classical warhorses and contemporary works. One of the cornerstones of the Arte Nova catalog is the critically acclaimed Beethoven symphony cycle, conducted by David Zinman leading the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra. Other noted Arte Nova recordings include works performed by famed violinist Pamela Frank, pianist Ursula Oppens, conductors Christopher Hogwood, Adrian Leaper, Vaclav Neumann and René Clemencic, and a fine series of celebrated orchestral works from Ross Pople and The London Festival Orchestra.

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Barbara Hendricks created Arte Verum in January 2006 and now records exclusively for her label. “I created Arte Verum because it is possible for artists today to control their creative endeavors from the beginnings in the rehearsal room, to the concert hall, beyond into the recording studio, and then directly to the public. The technological advances that have made this step possible would have been unthinkable just ten years ago. Arte Verum will reflect the passion that I have for the recital repertoire of lieder and mélodie, chamber music, orchestral song, and jazz, as well as baroque and contemporary music. I have always been a performing artist who records, with the belief that a recording should only be the natural by-product of my actual performing repertoire, the result of a long process of many performances and much time—sometime years—spent with the scores. It is very important for me that the repertoire of my recordings should truthfully reflect my actual performing activity. During more than 30 years I have had the privilege and freedom to perform and record the repertoire that I love with partners that I respect and admire. However, until now the life of my work after the actual recording was no longer in my hands, and now this will change. Every aspect of my work can be produced with the same gratitude, joy, and integrity.” – Barbara Hendricks

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Starting in 1981 with the recording of Dutch music, Attacca now covers the world’s avant-garde classical music. On the label, listeners will find world premiere recordings of works by composers like Louis Andriessen, Salvatore Sciarrino, and Ton Bruynèl in a catalog of over 100 titles. Attaca comes to Allegro Classical via Codæx.

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Known for a unique and well thought-out approach to recording and repertoire, Audiomax focuses on all phases of the recording process. With exciting releases, the label has been able to create a substantial catalog in just a few years. Audiomax comes to Allegro Classical via Codæx.

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Avie Records is about artists. All of the artists who record for Avie own their recordings and the copyright in their recordings. Avie Records is about quality. Avie recordings boast the finest artists, outstanding production values and superlative packaging. Avie Records combines the best of the classical industry’s traditions with the needs of today’s artists.

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Bel Canto Society offers CDs, DVDs, and videos of recent and historical opera performances. Artists include Caballe, Callas, Corelli, Carreras, Cossotto, Del Monaco, Di Stefano, Domingo, Gencer, Gigli, Gobbi, Kiepura, Nilsson, Olivero, Printemps, Mado Robin, Schmidt, Simionato, Supervia, Tauber, Tebaldi, and hundreds of others.

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Berlin Classics is a treasure trove of important recordings: significant historical contributions from the musical centers of Leipzig, Dresden, and Berlin as well as momentous new recordings featuring both established performers and eager new artists. In 1946, Soviet authorities issued a license to the record company to record and sell records using the imprint “Lied der Zeit.” After this was transformed into the state-owned VEB Deutsche Schallplatten, the ETERNA label became a state monopoly for classical music in the former German Democratic Republic. In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the company privatized. As the successor to ETERNA, edel Classics today owns a back catalog that is the finest documentation of musical life in East Germany since 1945. In addition to Berlin, the central regions of Saxony, Saxe-Anhalt, and Thuringia have been world-renowned cultural centers for centuries. These splendid recordings feature internationally acclaimed soloists, choirs, orchestras, and conductors. Jessye Norman, Peter Schreier, Kurt Masur, Eugen Jochum, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Ludwig Güttler, Herbert Blomstedt, Kurt Sanderling, the State Orchestras of Dresden and Berlin, the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, the Dresden Philharmonic, the Radio Choirs of Leipzig and Berlin, the Choir of the Dresden Kreuzkirche, and St Thomas’s Choir Leipzig are just a few of the artists and ensembles that have contributed to this wealth of well over 2,000 catalog entries. At the same time, established stars like Emma Kirkby, Christiane Oelze, Lynne Dawson, Ruth Ziesak, Sharon Kam, Ragna Schirmer, Sebastian Knauer, Jens Peter Maintz, Thomas Zehetmair, Heinrich Schiff, Ludwig Güttler, and Concerto Köln have recorded, and continue to do so, with edel Classics.

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The BMS helps promote British music that has been widely neglected by issuing first-class recordings, promoting live musical events and lecture-recitals, and producing written publications. Its recorded successes have included works by Edgar Bainton, Lennox Berkeley, Rebecca Clarke, York Bowen, Bernard van Dieren, John Foulds, Julius Harrison, John Joubert, Kenneth Leighton, John McCabe, E. J. Moeran, Cyril Scott, Harold Truscott, and William Wordsworth. As part of its current overall expansion plans, the BMS recently signed an exclusive agreement with Wyastone Estate Limited to provide international manufacturing and distribution services for its recordings. Antony Smith from Wyastone commented, “We are delighted that the BMS has chosen to work with us, and believe that it is a perfect fit for our expanding distribution platform. Over the past five years we have gained an international reputation for promoting British composers and music from marketing the Nimbus, Lyrita, and Hallé record labels, and the BMS will complement and benefit from this activity.” The British Music Society comes to Allegro Classical via Nimbus/Wyastone.

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Bravissimo Opera Library brings the finest singers of the 20th century to your living room in deluxe super-budget box sets! Stunningly beautiful music at a stunningly beautiful price!

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CAvi-music is an artist-centric label focusing on collaborative projects that support artists’ personal ideas and performances. With a focus on chamber music, CAvi-music offers handpicked, beautiful music in outstanding performances featuring classical stars such as Christian Tetzlaff, Dennis Russell Davies, Lars Vogt, and Sabine Meyer.

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Founded in 1994, Challenge has gained worldwide recognition with well identifiable productions. In spite of their youth, there’s a strong regard for the past as well as the contemporary, including a fair representation of Dutch artists.

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Clarion is American choral music! Features the highest caliber mixed choirs such as VocalEssence directed by Philip Brunelle (heard often on Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion), Conspirare directed by Craig Hella Johnson (nominated for two Grammy Awards), the Sante Fe Desert Chorale directed by Linda Mack, the Apollo Chorus of Chicago directed by Stephen Alltop, the Los Angeles Chamber Singers, the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh, and many more.

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Cobra Records is an independent “fair trade” label. Each release is a “special product” in the highest recording quality and a very good-looking package. The label has created in impressive lineup of artists recording for their label including Philippe Grafin, Nobuko Imai, Jeremy Menuhin, Dmitri Ferschtman, and many more.

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In 1982, Wolfgang Rihm and Heinz Winbeck persuaded Wulf Weinmann to found a music label dedicated solely to new and very new classical music. In 1985 the first album came off the presses: a digital recording of Hummel’s opera Blaubart. A year later, the first Lachenmann recording was released (Gran Torso and Salut für Caudwell). Col legno soon became synonymous with first CD recordings of works by the most important contemporary composers. The foundation on which Col legno is built is contemporary in a broad sense: a desire to make music that emphasizes the sensual. This approach naturally brings about an expansion of repertoire in various directions. Col legno’s future releases will encompass outrageous, revolutionary music from past centuries as well as other types of music that defy categorization, ranging from the “Schubertlieder” recorded by East Tyrolean band Franui to interpretations of classical music by outstanding jazz performers such as Dave Taylor, and even a “pop” album by electronic composer Wolfgang Mitterer.

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Cold Blue is well known as a primary source for innovative, contemporary West Coast music.

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CORO is the lively and successful record label of Harry Christophers and The Sixteen. Formed in 2001, Coro has re-mastered, re-packaged, and re-issued recordings of The Sixteen that were for a short time available on Collins Classics, and the label now releases most of the ensemble’s new recordings. CORO also features artists such as the Hilliard Ensemble, Elin Manahan Thomas, and Sarah Connolly as well as a “Live” series. CORO recently launched the Acoustic World series, which epitomizes the label’s values of performance excellence, authentic instruments, brilliance of sound, and world-class musicians.

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CRD Records was founded in 1965 by Graham Pauncefort to import and distribute specialized Continental and American catalogs. As the company grew, it was a logical step for CRD to start its own classical catalog. The company’s first releases were made in 1973. Simon Lawman, who had studied at the Royal Academy of Music, joined the company in 1970, was appointed Artistic Director in 1973, and was responsible for all recordings until his untimely passing in 1986. The distribution and recording activities were split into separate companies in 1974, and the distribution company passed out of the hands of the principals when it was taken over by a European-based investment company in 1978. CRD continues to record interesting and unjustly neglected works, seek out outstanding young artists, and record standard classics when it feels a new approach can be justified.

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DOREMI’s cutting edge audio restoration technology brings to life the rich, distinctive, original sonority of the great classical artists on the Legendary Treasures series. Discerning listeners and critics are astonished by the new, superior restoration and mastering process of historic recordings at DOREMI’s digital audio laboratories, setting a new standard of excellence.

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Endeavour Classics is named after Captain Cook’s great ship of discovery. The concept of the label is to bring both rapidly rising young stars and established performers to classical audiences featuring new or under-explored repertoire.

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Etcetera is an independent label residing in Amsterdam. Since the beginning of the label in 1979, Etcetera has proven to be adventurous and keen on diversity, while at the same time always true to the music. Many famous artists have participated in recording special repertoire, thus creating an impressive back catalog and 30 new releases per year.

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It has been over 10 years since the EXTON label released its first title in July 1999. In this time the label has issued more than 800 titles to the market, mainly in Japan, and launched into the worldwide market in 2006. And now, EXTON has sister labels: TRITON (specializing in piano music) and CRYSTON (specializing in brass and wind music). EXTON’S product has been highly acclaimed by prestigious sources such as Gramophone, Diapason d’Or, Opus d’Or, Telerama, and newspapers around the world. The labels name comes from the pursuit of “Extraordinary Tone,” meaning that it strives to create the very best music using the very best sound. EXTON creates music without compromise, incorporating cutting-edge recording technologies and equipment as a starting point in all of their projects.

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The San Francisco-based Alexander String Quartet founded Foghorn Classics in 1994. The idea to form their own record label grew out of the Quartet’s desire to document and circulate the extensive and multifaceted work that they felt truly represented their best, most important efforts. In the ensuing years the group has recorded several distinguished projects, many of which have been produced by multiple Grammy Award-winning producer Judith Sherman. As a mature and internationally celebrated string quartet fast approaching their 30th anniversary, this catalog documents some of the greatest repertoire with several celebratory collaborations with distinguished musical friends, cherished commissions, and other special projects. In addition to several cannons of important repertoire, the label also features some of the first recorded work of the ASQ’s younger protégés in their ongoing work as Directors of San Francisco State University’s Morrison Chamber Music Center.

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The complete works of Fryderyk Chopin on historical instruments, in versions close to the originals! This project is realized by the Fryderyk Chopin Society in Warsaw, Poland, on historical instruments from Chopin’s times: pianos by Erard (Paris, 1849) and Pleyel (Paris, 1848). Both instruments are excellently preserved, meeting every requirement for concert performance, and allow Chopin’s music to be heard just as it was written.

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The Fuga Libera label was launched in the spring of 2004. It is placed under the artistic direction of the Belgian musicologist Michel Stockhem. Its repertoire stretches from late baroque to contemporary music, and it is supported by eminent actors of the European musical life. The ensembles of Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie Opera house (orchestra and choirs), the Belgian National Orchestra/Walter Weller, Il Fondamento/Paul Dombrecht, the Danel Quartet, United Instruments of Lucilin, Oxalys, Het Collectief, Alice Ader, the Queen Elisabeth College of Music, the Ensemble Dolce & Tempesta/Stefano Demicheli, European Camerata and an array of new names all contribute to a catalogue that is beyond doubt Brussel’s, and Europe’s capital most dynamic. The overall aim is to express the vitality of musical life in Belgium, but also to draw artists from all regions of Europe, from Naples to St. Petersburg, into its fertile ground.

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The record label of composer Gavin Bryars!

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Fanfare wrote about Globe: “Globe Records is always something special: well thought out, well executed, and well produced.” The label mainly focuses on chamber and Early Music, and is always looking for world premiere recordings!

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On GLOR Classics, artists of world renown achieve new interpretations that will leave no listener unmoved. The focus of the GLOR Classics repertoire is on vocal music, with the goal of producing and presenting both classical and modern vocal and choral literature interpretations of the very best quality. For the launch of the label, the publications currently available fall into two product lines, “vocal” and “symphonic.” GLOR Classics seeks to present an unusual repertoire and thus create its own distinctive profile. A central role, with responsibility for a large number of interpretations, is played by the EuropaChorAkademie under its director Joshard Daus and renowned guest conductors such as Sylvain Cambreling and Michael Gielen. GLOR Classics productions currently include works of Mozart, Haydn, Ravel, Berlioz, Poulenc, Janá?cek, and many others. GLOR Classics is an independent label whose publications are characterized by personal engagement and careful attention to the product. All GLOR Classics productions offer outstanding sound quality and comprehensive product presentation. The bonus DVD accompanying each production offers fascinating insights and interesting documentaries, interviews, and extracts from concerts and rehearsals.

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GM Recordings was founded by music icon Gunther Schuller in Boston in 1981 to unite discerning and open-minded listeners with accomplished, innovative composers and musicians who might otherwise go unrecorded. With state of the art technology and a history of supporting creative, incomparable musicians, each new release continues to present fascinating challenges for both the casual listener and the music connoisseur.

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Your best choice for premium choral and organ recordings.

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Based out of Vienna, Austria, Gramola’s design and recordings are in the true Viennese tradition. Blending up & coming European artists with unique and standard repertoire, Gramola lives up to its name: a “jukebox” of classical releases! Gramola comes to Allegro Classical via Codæx.

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The Hallé is Britain’s longest established professional symphony orchestra. Founded in Manchester by pianist and conductor Sir Charles Hallé in 1858, it gave its first concert in the city’s Free Trade Hall that year. Following the death of Sir Charles, the orchestra continued to develop under the guidance of such distinguished figures as Hans Richter, Sir Hamilton Harty, and Sir John Barbirolli. Under the direction of Mark Elder, who became Music Director in 2000, the Hallé has received increasing acclaim both in the UK and abroad. Its reputation for artistic excellence and versatility has led to many international tours as well as frequent broadcasts and televised performances. Hallé comes to Allegro Classical via Nimbus Records.

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Indésens focuses on French brass music, and French brass players. From well-known artists like Eric Aubier to young competition prizewinners, Indésens is now amongst the winners itself.

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Integra Records UK

Integra Records UK was founded by Christian Forshaw in February 2007 with the intention of providing a creative environment, without the pressures of market forces, for the release of future recordings. This will enable artists to experiment freely with ideas, leading to more personal and interesting discs. Integra Records UK comes to Allegro Classical via Nimbus/Wyastone.

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KAIROS, the Vienna-based music label founded in 1999 by Barbara Fränzen and Peter Oswald, focuses exclusively on the promotion of new artists. Apart from the careful selection of works and artists, highly sophisticated sound engineering and a modern presentation, supported by the cover designs of Austrian painter Jakob Gasteiger, are essential constituents of the overall concept. KAIROS means the moment of successful fulfillment. The ancient Greeks used this word to describe the satisfied correspondence of the here with the now, the “opportune moment,” which is encountered as fate and demands to be used in a decisive way. KAIROS seeks to preserve that time of fulfillment that we call music. The label’s intention is to capture, for listeners’ pleasure, music that is contemporary and opens up new experiences for contemporary minds in the form of interpretations that have grasped the auspiciousness of the moment. The moment, however beautiful it may be, does not tarry. However, it can recur, and although we are no longer exactly the same as before, the moment is able to move and transform us once again. In this sense KAIROS seeks to give back to its contemporaries the music of the present and the endless adventure of listening that it has to offer, so that the auspicious opportunity of the moment is not allowed to slip by unused. Each CD is thus a total work of art, accompanied by a booklet whose essayistic, analytic, and literary reviews approximate the intangible in music, and they come in both an elaborate and practical case. KAIROS presents music to accompany you across the threshold to new ages.

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Landor Records, an “artist led” company, was launched in 2006 and is widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of classical music.

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The mission of Loft Recordings is to generate enthusiasm for and literacy in classical music, particularly music for choirs and pipe organs, through recordings and broadcast media.

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Lyrita Recorded Edition is one of the UK’s longest-established and highest regarded independent classical record labels. Lyrita has an unparalleled reputation for recording specifically British repertoire at the highest audio standards. For almost 50 years Lyrita has produced recordings acclaimed by critics, collectors, and audiophiles alike. Lyrita comes to Allegro Classical via Nimbus/Wyastone.

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Since its inception in Japan in 1988, the MA Recordings label has presented, regardless of genre, acoustic music conceived and performed with thought provoking originality. In anticipation of the “sonic rebirth” of this music when reproduced in the listening environment, all productions are recorded in natural acoustic settings, where nothing is hidden and every nuance revealed. In Japanese “MA” means “space” or “time interval”. The space is brought to the listener; the listener transcends the space. The time interval between performance and reproduction becomes irrelevant.

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Marsyas is a European label dedicated to contemporary classical music with a special kick. Founded in 2005, Marsyas presents music from the 20th and 21st centuries, uniting the European classical tradition with fresh and surprising sounds that come out of diverse origins such as world music, jazz, or pop. The label was started with clarinet player Sabine Meyer’s project “Paris Mécanique.”

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Meridian has a strong reputation for making recordings of unusual repertoire, often by mainstream composers. The current catalogue includes premiere recordings of chamber music by Ethel Smyth, Kenneth Leighton, Alan Bush, George Enescu, Thomas Wilson, Copland, Earl of Kelly, Mackenzie, and McEwen plus string quartets by Rimsky-Korsakov, symphonies and concertos by Bernard Stevens, orchestral music by John Jeffreys & Jim Parker, and choral works by Antony le Fleming & Rihards Dubra. The catalog covers all periods and genres of classical music along with recordings of big band, salon, and world music.

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Metronome is a British record label that specializes in producing classical music recordings. The label has focused on recording music that is at the cutting edge of classical music performing practice. This means it records contemporary classical music, early music, and also works from the standard classical music repertoire where musicians are doing important creative work.

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Moscow Studio Archives presents the greatest Russian artists and the most beloved Russian music in historic recordings—many never before released in North America. Richter, Rostropovich, Svetlanov, Pletnev, and more, performing masterworks that span the history of Russian music. This is an exciting, collectible series for Russophiles: each booklet contains rare photos and a special essay by well-known writers who are experts on Russian classical music.

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Musique en Wallonie is a wonderful label, protecting the patrimony of the Francophone Belgian musical heritage. The artists are among the most exciting for their repertory, including Capilla Flamenca and The Clerks. Musique en Wallonie comes to Allegro Classical via Codæx.

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The marvelous Chabotterie Manor house has been the perfect setting for the Musiques à la Chabotterie ancient music festival for 10 years. On the 10th anniversary of the festival, it seemed only natural to create, with director Hugo Reyne, the record label. Musiques à la Chabotterie comes to Allegro Classical via Codæx.

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Myrios Classics was founded in Cologne by Stephan Cahen, a former recording producer and engineer for Deutsche Grammophon, EMI Classics, Archiv Produktion, and Sony. On Myrios, former major label artists such as Tabea Zimmermann and Alte Musik Koeln find their place alongside promising lesser-known players, and standard repertoire stands alongside first recordings. Myrios is dedicated to the highest musical and technical recording standards—most of the label’s recordings are available as hybrid multichannel/stereo SACDs, and contain valuable booklet information.

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The Netherlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE) is formed by solo players of the most important orchestras of the Netherlands including the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Rotterdam Philharmonic, the Residentie Orchestra, and the Radio Orchestras. They meet up around 50 times per year to perform special programs in the Netherlands and abroad. The ensemble is famous for its high level of performance and its unique, adventurous programming. Categorizations such as “classical” or “contemporary” are too narrow for these programs, but one element they all share is a sense of theatricality!

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An independent record label, with a catalog covering orchestral and chamber music, classic jazz, world music, archive transfers from 78s, and much more!

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NSS Music, the record label founded in Fall 2005 by renowned violinist and recording artist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, aims to be a haven for performing artists. The label will release recordings of new and established works by musicians across the musical genres, with a special emphasis on live performances. It is the next step in the natural evolution of a “breathtakingly daring original” musician’s career. From her sought-after concert and recital performances to her recordings for such labels as Angel/EMI, EMI Classics, and Nonesuch to her roles as author and Oscar-nominated documentary film subject, Salerno-Sonnenberg has created excitement in the entertainment world for over 25 years. Now, in addition to continuing her performance career, she brings her love for creating beautiful music and her passion for sharing that music to the “other” side of the recording business.

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OMAC Records is the record label of Grammy-winning violinist and composer Mark O’Connor, who has collaborated with artists and composers such as Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, John Williams, and Stephane Grappelli. O’Connor released several albums with Sony Classical before founding OMAC in 2004.

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The home of historic opera performances! Opera d’Oro features some of history’s most thrilling, riveting, and memorable performances. From Pavarotti’s heart-achingly beautiful “Che gelida manina” to Corelli’s painstakingly brilliant “Vesti la giubba,” Opera d’Oro performances relay electricity that is impossible to fake. These recordings present the highlights from opera’s golden age in re-mastered sound and gorgeous packaging. Opera d’Oro’s Grand Tier consists of the very best performances from the vast Opera d’Oro catalog, reissued with stunning new packaging including historic photos, cover art illustrations by Rafal Olbinski © Courtesy of Patinae Inc., essays by writer Robert Levine, and complete librettos.

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In North America, taste in opera to a high degree has been formed by the Met, where typically the musical preparation of Italian repertory has been undertaken by German refugees and their pupils. Opera Fanatic offers recordings of insiders steeped in tradition, nearly all of them native speakers. Most of the recordings were made in Italy by the greatest singers, both in the studio and live. The label’s objective is to perpetuate their legacies, as the equivalent of a museum. All of Opera Fanatic’s booklets include essays about the performances, or interviews with these renowned opera stars.

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Other Minds Records, a project of Other Minds in San Francisco, produces a select catalog of contemporary music exploring areas seldom touched upon by mainstream institutions.

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Master pianist Cyprien Katsaris created the label Piano 21 on the first day of the 21st century, hence its name. As in the past, the Franco-Cypriot pianist and composer aims to strike a balance between the mainstream repertory and lesser-known works that deserve more attention.

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A wonderful classical music label based in Canada.

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Paradizo features the recordings of Skip Sempé, harpsichordist and founder/ director of Capriccio Stravagante. Following 15 years of distinctions and awards with three prestigious labels, Sempé created Paradizo, featuring authoritative, bold music making and celebrating a renewed vision of creative interpretation in Renaissance and Baroque repertoire. The Paradizo catalogue is an ever-changing “Pandora’s Box” of adventurous repertoire and programming. Paradizo places prime importance on all aspects of preparation, recording, and post-production, combining a high level of musical science with the artistic craft involved in the phenomenon of recording.

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Passacaille focuses on Early Music recordings of original quality, not only paying attention to established artists but also to young, forthcoming talents.

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Phaedra is the first label to consistently and continually draw attention to composers of the Low Countries. Ten years of hard work—including recordings of over 80 Belgian composers and over 180 of their works—have created a marvelous catalog.

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“Drawing is speaking to the eye; talking is painting to the ear,” wrote the French moralist Joseph Joubert (1754–1824). Under the name “Philartis Vienna,” this label integrates various art forms into a common platform by releasing publications on the fine arts, music, and scholarship as well as a catalog of audio and visual works.

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Quartz Music, based in the UK, comes to Allegro via Nimbus Records.

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Quilisma, a record label established to promote young composers and performers, comes to Allegro via Loft/Gothic.

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Ramée is one of the most exciting Early Music labels around. It seems that all the good fairies attended the birth of this label: stylish presentation and stunning natural sonorities, all in perfect accord with the artistic objective.

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Red Priest is the only early music group in the world to have been compared in the press to the Rolling Stones, Jackson Pollock, the Marx Brothers, Spike Jonze, and Cirque du Soleil! The group’s own label, Red Priest Recordings, comes to Allegro via Nimbus/Wyastone.

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The goal of Reference Recordings is to recreate the sound of real musicians making music in real space. RR’s classical and jazz recordings have received extraordinary praise worldwide for both performance and sound quality. 2006 marks the 30th Anniversary year of Reference Recordings, the esteemed independent record label dedicated to the highest standards of recording art and technology. Grammy nominations include six “Best Engineered, Classical” for engineer Keith O. Johnson and a “Classical Producer of the Year” nod for J. Tam Henderson in 1998. RR artists and productions have garnered five additional nominations and two winners.

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ReZound comes to Allegro via Loft/Gothic.

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Ricercar has produced over 250 recordings, many veritable lessons in the history of music exploring themes such as German baroque music, the organ works of J.S. Bach and his German predecessors, Franco-Flemish polyphonic music, or the discovery of early instruments. With La Fenice and Jean Tubéry, Millenarium, La Pastorella and Frédéric de Roos, the Namur Chamber Choir, Les Agrémens and Guy Van Waas, Continens Paradisi, Bernard Foccroulle, Sophie Karthäuser and many others, the label’s future is more than ever shaped by thrilling projects!

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Royal Philharmonic Masterworks is a special series of audiophile recordings focusing on the masterworks of classical music. This series spans the Classical, Romantic, and 20th century periods and features many of the world’s greatest conductors, world-class soloists and instrumentalists. Music making of the highest level, beautifully recorded with superb engineering, and performed with a rarely heard abandon that excites and thrills over and over again. The masterworks of classical music like you have never heard them before. Hear them again for the first time!

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“Our Bite is Better Than Our Bark.”

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Satirino was created in 1997 by Ian Malkin and Christine Menguy and specializes in both French and international representation for classical music artists, ensembles, and orchestras. In 2001 the company created the Satirino Records label to record some of the agency’s artists, including Barry Douglas, Kenneth Weiss, and James Bowman.

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Sebastian Records is the artist-owned record label of Grammy Award winning cellist Sara Sant’Ambrogio, whose artistry the New York Times has described as “sheer pleasure.” A founding member of the Eroica Trio, with recordings on Angel/EMI Classics, Sant’Ambrogio has been profiled in Strings, Strad, Gramophone, Glamour, Elle, Bon Appétit, and more. She is the subject of a feature-length documentary that has had multiple airings nationwide on PBS, and performs on a Matteo Goffriller cello, Venice, ca. 1715.

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Solo Musica does not consider itself a standard classical label, but a “homeland” for the individual artists of the time. Well-known musicians like Julius Berger and Hansjörg Schellenberger are among the most important artists on the label.

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A wonderful Italian classical label!

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Brought to the forefront of classical brass music by the brass ensemble that American Record Guide has called “the best in the world” (Summit Brass), Summit Records has historically specialized in brass. However, other styles of recordings on the label such as chamber music and orchestral works have been critically acclaimed, making Summit a label to watch!

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A fine Italian label specializing in early music.

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Toccata is dedicated to producing recordings of top-notch classical music that the concert halls and major record companies are ignoring, bringing you everything from forgotten Renaissance polyphony and obscure Baroque cantatas to composers once hidden behind the Iron Curtain.

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The basic recording philosophy of Turtle Records is to deliver an optimal gateway between music and the listener. By using state of the art technical means and tools, this gateway aims to be completely transparent, so that the listener should always feel part of the “holographic” scenery between the loudspeakers. The label records music that needs to be recorded, regardless of style, form, background, or commercial value. Turtle Records comes to Allegro Classical via Challenge Classics.

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Eclectic music grouped into four “editions,” all W&W; titles feature gorgeous smartpak packaging with detailed liner notes.

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Zig-Zag Territoires wishes to offer a genuine intellectual and aesthetic complement to its music through in-depth booklet notes and original artwork by the painter Anne Peultier. The CDs are unique objects, halfway between individual craftsmanship and industry. This has turned out to be an exciting adventure, enriching the experience of record making, which becomes an artistic exchange between label, musicians, sound engineer, painter, and designer.

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