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7 Proven Ways To Increase Your Traffic

7 Proven Ways To Increase Your Traffic

You’re in an affiliate internet business online and you would like to make a profit. Are you trying to mold the internet, business, and profit all into a successful attempt to make money online? Well in order for this to happen there is one ingredient that you must add to your endeavor. You must produce traffic to your web presence. This is really the most important component of any online business.

You can have the greatest product available on the internet; you can have the best designed website in existence; you can have the best blog that WordPress can be used to develop; but if you do not have traffic, you will not have a system that will make you money online.

So having all of those things in place, it’s time to consider the traffic element. The competition is tough but you need to start the process of getting traffic to your site – website, blog, squeeze page, etc. Of those options, probably getting traffic to your squeeze page is the best, but that is another topic. For now let’s look at 7 proven ways to drive traffic to your web presence.

1. Establish links with the web presence of others.

In this effort you exchange links with other sites. This will be slow but in the end both parties will see increased traffic as a result of this effort. Find website owners that will link to your site as you link to theirs. Comment on blogs. If a conversation gets started, you may get a link back to your blog.

2. Pay for advertising.

With Google AdWords and Yahoo Overture you can almost guarantee that you will get traffic to your site. This will cost and you cannot be sure that the traffic will produce the results that you want. But many of those that see your ads will click through to your site. You pay and then your website has to invoke the action that is necessary to make your advertising efforts profitable. But, you will get traffic so try to make it useful to your efforts.

3. Add Viral marketing to your set of traffic tools.

In this case you can use free methods to spread your business links all over the internet. You can get your web presence and your products before a lot of people, internet users. With this method you can develop info products or purchase products in which you can imbed your company name, links to your affiliate products, other information that will lead to you.

You can give these ebooks, etc. away or you can have this information attached in some way to a product that you sell. This works a lot like a virus and internet marketers get exposed to your efforts. As a result your internet business is exposed to more and more people.

Here are two excellent sources to obtain viral ebooks:

Viral Ebook Explosion: This one is free.
Affiliate Cash Secrets : This one has a 126-Page Home-Study Course. There is a free trial.

4. Use keywords and/or keyword phrases in all of your internet content.

As you put content on your blog, in articles that you submit, or anywhere else that you have a web presence, the possibility exists that your content will be found by those searching on the internet for affiliate products. If your sites contain keywords that match the search and your sits are displayed high in the search engines, you might get traffic before some other site. At lease you might be high enough in the ranking to be considered before someone else.

5. Write and submit articles.

I mentioned this above, but if you will spend some time doing this on a consistent basis, you will see new traffic to your site. But you will have to keep up the effort. The more articles you submit, the more traffic you will see.

Also, there is a relationship being built here. If people like the articles that you submit, they will start looking for your articles and you will possibly be able to get people to read your articles on a regular basis and also go to your site.

6. Use your newsletter.

If you have not implemented a newsletter as part of your affiliate internet business online, now is the time to start one. Every time you mail your newsletter out you can include a link that takes your reader to your website or blog. This will drive some traffic to your online presence. Ask them to visit your blog. As they visit they will get more exposure to what you are doing and the products that your are promoting – your affiliate products, etc.

7. Join forums and use social communities.

Visit forums and become a part of what is going on there. Use your ability to include a signature. Here you can include a link back to your website or an offer that you have. Just follow the forum’s guidelines. As you become known in the community some will click through and you will have traffic. As your traffic increases and your offers are compelling, you will likely see an increase in sales or opt-ins.

As you use these steps your traffic will increase and when you provide what the traffic is looking for you will find success in your attempts to make money online. This will cause your affiliate internet business online to succeed.

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