One of the reasons why Android is liked by so many people is that it allows you to use various customization options that enhance the beauty of the phone. Even though some may say that live wallpapers consume a lot of battery power, it is one of the best features of Android. Live wallpapers feature was introduced in the Android 2.1 (Éclair) version. Since then it has been there in all the recent versions of the Android OS.

Live wallpapers are theme apps which mainly consist of interactive and animated wallpapers and they come with few customization options. When you move the phone, the elements of the live wallpapers also move and swirl. When you touch the image of the homescreen, the image can change dynamically. Live wallpapers can also access certain features of the phone such as GPS, network, etc.

Here is a list of some of the coolest live wallpapers for your Android phone:


When you install snowfall live wallpaper on your phone, you can display the scenic beauty of the winter season on your phone. Whenever you access your phone, you will see the beautiful and gentle snowflakes slowly swaying around the snow clad mountains and trees. By touching on the screen you can control the movement of the snow.


It is one of the all time favorite themes that can give a refreshing look to your phone. The rising sun and the stunning background with birds flying around along with a vibrant rainbow is what this live wallpaper has in store for you. The customization option allows you to set a personalized good morning message and allows you to modify the movement of the birds.


Thunderstorm is one of the most attractive and mesmerizing live wallpapers available. When you enable this live wallpaper, your phone will display an attractive show of lightning and thunder. When lightning occurs, it displays flash of lightning through the clouds. You can also see heavy rainfall. The customization option allows you to turn on the sounds to add natural effects to the thunderstorm live wallpaper.


The aquarium live wallpaper brings to you some of the most beautiful fishes and plants in 3D. The fishes move around the homescreen and the plants sway gently and it gives you a real feeling of owning an aquarium. The appealing backgrounds and smooth animation will truly enthrall you. Whenever you tap on the screen, fishes start moving towards that area of the screen.


The calm and peaceful beauty of the night with twinkling stars with a beautiful image of the moon in the background can accentuate the beauty of your phone. Various versions of the nightfall live wallpaper are available such as city life nightfall, rainy nightfall, angels and nightfall, and so on. Millions of users are using this breathtaking live wallpaper. Its time you also get it installed on your smartphone.

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