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10 Steps To Developing Good PLR

Since we began on creating quality PLR content, we have come across quite a few people wondering how they could create PLR products for themselves. I think this is a wonderful idea, and feel like the more people creating PLR content should mean the higher quality available to all of us.

With that in mind, we dont mind giving people a glimpse at the way we create our high quality products. We do a wide variety of different types of PLR so the exact process is never the same but in general we follow a process much like this:

1. Identify a Need: The first step we take is identifying what people are looking for. There are a lot of ways to do this. We are active on some forums so we can gauge peoples interests that way. We have a social media presence so we can ask our followers and friends. We belong to online networking groups, so we can poll these groups as often as we want. Lastly, we listen to our customers We have a forum that allows anyone to suggest a topic or idea for a product.

2. Brainstorm: Once we have a general topic, we will sit down individually or in a team setting and brainstorm potential product ideas. At this point we will be taking a broad look at our product. We will figure out the main piece of content. It could be an eBook, an article bundle, a video bundle, audio, a system, a report or anything else. At this point we will decide on the topic and delivery format of our PLR Product.

3. Research: We will then begin our research. All of our products are properly researched and provide the most recent of information (when they are written of course). We will usually let the member of our team with the most experience in a particular topic handle the bulk of the content. Justin is a whiz with personal development, while I like to take on the WordPress products. We also have strategic partnerships with local experts, like personal trainers, masseuses and teachers.

3. Creatives Time: At this point we will begin creating the basic cover of the product. We do this now, because it can inspire the content creation part of the process. Also, we may need to use the images in some of the content, so best to get this out of the way. We will brainstorm a product title and heading as well as general idea for the cover. We create a flat image in Adobe Fireworks. We edit it and tweak it until we are happy. Then we export as a flat image, editable png and editable psd. We then use software to wrap this flat image in a variety of 3d images (like eBook covers)

At this point we will also create banner ads and a mini-site, for anyone that wants to start quickly selling or giving away(as an opt-in) our product. We throw in editable images of everything as well as sometimes some additional graphics like buy now buttons.

4: Content Creation: Now we will take our research from earlier and create our main piece of content. Like mentioned before this could be any number of formats. If the main piece was an eBook we would create the eBook in Mac Pages and then export an editable Word version, as well as a high quality PDF.

5. Edit Main Content: Important step here we edit the content to try and make sure it is free of errors. While this is a time consuming step we usually make sure at least two of our team members (and 99% of the time it is Justin and I) edit the product.

6. Create Add-Ons: Here we get creative. We can now take this product from great to a must-buy by creating a bunch of high impact add-ons. Some of our most popular would be things like an autoresponder drip, posters, infographics, graphics, tweets, lists of resources and etc We create as many as make sense for the product. We also of course edit theses as closely as the content.

7. Complete Packaging: At this point we do another once over on the editing, we make sure that everything is included and then we zip it up and upload to our servers.

8. Send To Members: Our members get first crack at everything we make. We post the product in our members area and then broadcast a message to everyone saying it is available for download.

9. Launch & Promote: We launch and promote our new offer in a number of ways. This is when the product is offered to the the general public.

10. Regular Maintenance: Through this whole process we make sure we go out of our way to provide timely support. This is not bragging, this is us giving you advice if you want to sell something. If you sell a product stand behind it. Also, since we run a membership site there are a ton of behind the scene duties that are just as exhaustive as the entire list above. We focused on the product creation side of things for this post, but when it comes to eCommerce that isnt even half the battle.

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