So, you don’t have a blog yet and thinking whether making one is worth your time and effort or not. Whether you even need one or not. Right? You do. If you have reached this article and reading it, you do need a blog. I am going to give you 10 compelling reasons why you should make a blog and start blogging. Let’s start.

#1 To Share

We all read in social science books that man is a social animal. It’s human nature to want to share the happiness and sorrow, the things one likes, the thoughts that comes to one’s mind. Your blog can be an awesome place to share anything and everything about you, your work, our friends and family and last but not the least, your business. You can share everything from the last night party pics to your New Year resolutions or your new product. And you get wonderful comments, suggestions from beautiful and intelligent people all around the world. Isn’t that cool?

# 2 To Improve your Online Branding

You know that Internet has become an integral part of our daily life. When was it the last time when you went to a library and referred to some heavy books to find information about some person, product or anything? You google; don’t you? So do the companies and businesses to find/check new employees, clients and partners. Your online presence through your blog will improve your personal and professional brand. I know many people who have got good jobs or big projects because of their blogs. Even if you are not a businessman or professional, won’t you like to see your blog with a cool pic of you coming on the google when someone search for your name?

#3 To Meet New People

Believe me your blog can get you some really amazing friends. Through your blog you become the part of an online community of people around the world whose interests are same as you, who think like you. You visit their blogs, they visit yours; conversations build up and so do the relationships.

#4 To Improve your Thinking/Writing

Don’t you think people are forgetting to write in a creative and organized way. Remember old school days when we wrote so many essays and other writing assignments that made us think and thus sharpened our brain. Everyday we get so many thoughts about our life, society, politics etc. Why not give them a proper shape and put them on your blog. Once you start doing it, you will love it.

#5 To make a Wonderful diary

Have you ever experienced the amazing feeling that you get when you suddenly find a middle school notebook of yours somewhere and start reading the things you wrote back then? The little things you will write on your blog everyday will look like gems to you after 10 or 15 years. You would love to read them again and again. Your blog will be a journal of your life, the changes in your personality, thinking and philosophy over time.

#6 To improve your Business

If you have a business you can use your blog to boost it. Who doesn’t use internet these? You can use your blog to reach potential clients and improve your business significantly. You can also use your blog to connect to your clients and customers by providing them information and answering their queries. This will not only improve your credibility among your existing customers and clients but can also bring you many new ones. You can even sell your products and services online through your blog.

#7 To Bring traffic to your Main Website

If you already have a professional or business website you can use your blog as a complimentary platform to connect with more people through personalized write-ups and thus redirecting that traffic to your main website. Search engines index blogs much faster than static websites. So if Your business website does not have a blog, you are lagging behind in the competitive market.

#8 To Make Money Online through Ads

Blogging can be a full time job or business in itself if you have expertise in something and a passion for writing and helping others. Many bloggers are earning in 6-figures through a single blog. There are so many easy ways to make money online that you can make a few hundred bucks every month after the investment of a few weeks. I will cover that in a separate post. For now, just keep it in mind that your blog can also make you dollars.

#9 To Make World a Better place

The world is a good place to live because still there are people who love to help others without any reason or profit. Every one of us know something that so many other people don’t and we can share that knowledge through our blog and help others. You can write DIY tutorials, Mathematics/Science/English lessons or anything else that you think may be useful to someone. It feels really good when someone learns something from your blog and sends a Thank You.

#10 To not feel left behind

Last but not the least you should have a blog because everyone has. It doesn’t cost you big money (you can make one free), you don’t need any technical knowledge to make or run a blog, it does not take too much time and effort either. So why not have it. Even if you don’t find it worth doing after sometime, you can always go back. Every blog has a delete button. You don’t have anything to lose. So why not make a blog right now. And don’t forget to let me know about it. J

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