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There seems to be a set pattern in life of friends. There are the friends you will always have for life and can call up at any moment, chat like it was yesterday when you last talked and not speak for another four months.

There are the friends who you had when in college that you cannot hang out with now because they are “not married” and it just feel weird if they do not have a date. You know what I mean.

There are the friends you have who are married but do not have kids. They are great to hang out with but don’t understand when you go on a rant about how cute it was when the child did this or went potty in the big girl potty!

Then there are the friends who have kids close in age to you and it is great! But planning play dates are hard because nap times, mommy need alone time and a diet coke kind of day, or you really just do not want to get out of your pajamas.

Then there is YOUR BEST FRIEND. That’s right your children.

Here are ten reasons why my daughter is my best girlfriend in life:

You can rock out to music together:

Listening to Taylor Swift “Shake it off” ten times in a row seems a bit much. But when you have a tiny sidekick to literally “shake it” by your side then who cares! You can make a fool of yourself and not care because your best friend is too!

You always have someone to tell something to:

I love it because all day long I have random thoughts and will just say them out loud! My little talker will say silly things back like, “hm hmm mom- no way- ok- yup-see ya- bye” all at once like she gets what I mean.

You always have a workout buddy:

My favorite part of the day is when I sleep in and get up with the kids. This means I also get to do my morning workout with them! I love it. It always brings more laughs because not only do I have a copy cat next to me but I don’t feel as lame working out because she is doing much sillier workouts than me.

There is always someone to hug:

It is great having a best friend right next to you because there is always an unlimited number of hugs each day. You can never feel bad when you have someone giving you multiple hugs a day!

You ALWAYS have each others backs…even in the bathroom:

You know the drill, ladies always go to the bathroom together right? Well same applies at home. You can always have someone to talk to, someone to hand you toilet paper, or open and close the bathroom door for your entertainment.

Drives are never filled with a dull moment:

Whether it be singing nursery rhymes, telling them to look outside just to pass driving time, or listening to the sweet sounds of them screaming, you will always have someone in the car to “entertain” your every moment.

Going shopping is a self-esteem builder:

Now that I have a talker on my hands I feel that I can get an honest opinion out of her…

Me: “Do you like this shirt?”

Her: “yup mom i ke it!”

Me: “Do this look good on mom”

Her: “Yup mom peeety!”

Me:”How about this one, do we like it too?”

Her: “No goss let it go”

There will always be a goodnight kiss and story time:

I love reading stories with my little ones. I learn more from the stories than my kids do! I love that there is always someone who needs a kiss and hug before bed. No better friend than that!

You get to play dress up daily:

your inner child comes out. Before kids acting “goofy” implied hanging out playing games and calling it a night. Acting goofy with a toddler means dressing up as their favorite princess character and having tea parties on the porch…daily 🙂

You can always use each other for an excuse!

Lastly the one we know all of us has used more than once on “one of those days”. As best friends you know you can always use one another for an excuse and still love one another afterwards. Tell her sorry I used you and you get a simple “srry k” .

You best girlfriend in right under your nose (literally) . Go out for ice cream, feed the ducks or whatever your best friend loves to do! Chances are she will return the favor and do your favorite things also!

Thanks mom for always being my best friend and letting me use you for an excuse at times!


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