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10 Foods I Want To Cook In Bulk


I’ve really wanted to try the Once A Month Cooking (also known as Freezer Cooking) for a while. Since I’m totally new at this I’m starting slowly and cooking only a few things at a time. (And hopefully I can make it only once a month!)

Here are ten foods I’d like to start cooking in bulk:

1. Whole Wheat Pancakes.

I think these are healthier choices than cereal and toast every morning. We also love them for dinner too. (With grilled kielbasa. Yum!!) I usually make them with flax as well. Mike will only eat plain ones but the girls and I like banana and blueberry so we’re getting some fruit in there too. You can look up whole wheat recipes on or I want to make a huge batch of them and then freeze them in smaller portions. When we want a pancake I can just take it out of the freezer and defrost it!

2. Whole Wheat/Grain Waffles.

I got a waffle maker for Christmas a couple of years ago and have used it once. Waffles are a fun alternative to pancakes and I like them for all the same reasons I like pancakes!

3. Homemade Granola Bars.

I haven’t found a recipe I just love yet but I’m going to keep trying. The ones posted at Kitchen Stewardship  sound great so these will be the ones I try next. The last batch I made (with chocolate chips) tasted like dessert so I wasn’t convinced it was that healthy. I can make a big batch of these and freeze some of them. Again, I’ve been using or for these. If you have a delicious, healthy granola bar recipe please share it with me! As a side note, I’ve also heard plain, homemade granola is really good too. I want to make some of that as well.

I made these a few weeks ago and they were a hit!

5. Homemade Muffins.

Again, I try to make these with whole wheat flour, flaxseed and blueberries. We like corn and bran muffins too. There are some good recipes online too. I’m still in search of the one I like best.

6. Taco Meat.

I want to start precooking and freezing taco meat in bulk since we love tacos around here. If I keep several cans of refried beans and tortillas on hand that’s a simple and easy meal on weeknights and especially for weekends when we’re most tempted to eat out.

7. Homemade Calzone.

I make a super easy calzone. I make the dough in my bread maker and then roll it out. I then cook up ground beef and mix it with cheddar and mozzarella cheese. I lay the mixture on one side of the dough and then fold over the other side of the dough and pinch the edges. Then I bake it at 350 degrees until it looks done. I know this version doesn’t sound very healthy so I’d like to modify it a bit (Adding tomatoes, onions and mushrooms maybe?). Although, I’ll probably be the only one to eat that one. I want to make a couple of these and freeze them. Can I freeze them unbaked? Does anyone know?

8. Oatmeal Cookies.

I really want to find a healthy(er) oatmeal cookie recipe to make. (Sans raisins since we don’t like them in baked goods). I think that would also make a great snack and dessert. Mike loves them.

9. Fajita Chicken.

Another meal we love. I want to make it in bulk and freeze smaller portions so it’s ready to go on a weekend when mealtime rolls around and I don’t feel like cooking. (Thanks to Kathy at House Of Hills  for this idea.) I love it with peppers, mushrooms, onions and avocado. Mike and the girls will only eat them with chicken and cheese. We’re going to have to work on that…..

10. What foods do YOU make in bulk? What is your go-to, must have freezer recipe? Please share!!!

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